Take Two

I was so frustrated yesterday with my post. haha…so here is take two..

I’ve not feeling well. After two weeks of fighting a cold it finally hit me. UGH!! This is around the time I got sick last year and I REFUSE to run the Women’s Half Marathon with pneumonia again. I’m going to wear a sweater even when it’s 90 degrees outside, UGH!!! I had a great weekend though!! 🙂

10/17/2011-10/24/2011 Workouts

Monday- Rest Day (planned)

Tuesday- Rest Day (not planned but Sienna was born :))

Wednesday- 51 minutes @ gym (30 mins. elliptical, 21 mins. core workout and ST)

Thursday- Yoga @ home

Friday- 2 hours Zumbathon!! LOVED IT!

Saturday- Rest Day

Sunday- 2 hrs and 15mins. 12 mile run @ the park

My workouts last week were really good. I did take 3 rest days which I usually only took 2 but it was for something really important 🙂 Plus I actually burned more calories than what my goal is each week, so I’m happy with last weeks workouts.

Okay on to my weekend fun…

I told you I went dressed up with the most comfortable costume I could think of. We are either aerobics 80’s trainers or 80’s girls. haha

This was after 2 hours of dancing. Good thing I had a top over my spaghetti top because I was drenched in sweat. The back of my pants were soaked too. I had such a blast..so much that I’m going back this Thursday 🙂 I burned 1048 calories and I was huffing and puffing but OMG I LOVED IT!! 1 hour of Zumba is fun but 2 hours is WAY better, even though I was tired.

This is a phone picture and right after the class was over. The class was cool because it was like a club. They turned off the lights and had strobe lights with a d.j. It was so much fun.

After Zumba Craig and I went to Yogurtland and watched a movie at home.

Saturday morning Craig and I had planned to go on a short bike ride but my mom made me go over to her house earlier than I planned so we never rode our bike. I was at my mom’s house for most of the day on Saturday. We had a Welcome party for Sienna. I had to buy some extra stuff, decorate, help with the food and make sure we had the games ready. It was a really hectic fun day.

My sister and niece…these girls can make me do anything for them.

Sienna was there meeting everyone 🙂

We played games and had a lot of prizes and food.

I got home a few monutes before Craig did from work, then we watched a movie and talked about our day.

Sunday morning we were up at 4ish to meet my friend at the park for our long run. I had planned a 12 mile run and Craig had 6 miles to do. 

When Craig got done he went around the park and took pictures of us and also took us water. He is the best 🙂

My friend didn’t really want to run at the park since it’s really long, she said it makes the run feel even longer. I totally know what she means by that but I LOVE this park. When we were about to start the run she says “okay park, I don’t like you and you don’t like me…but too bad, I’m going to do this” haha I thought that was so funny.

This was the longest she has ever run and she did freaking amazing. We had a really good run, we both felt good and the weather was perfect.

We finished in 2hrs and 15 mins. and that’s including the stop lights we had to stop for. I haven’t had a chance to look at my splits. We don’t really have a goal time for the Women’s Half Marathon in 2 weeks since it’s her first one but I think we will do good.

After our run Craig and I went down to Tempe to see my friend doing a TRIATHLON….

That’s him, I wasn’t sure if we would get to see him but we saw him two times. He looked so happy. We walked around for a while and I was so in awe of everyone and everything.

I pretended to be crossing the running finish line…I wish 🙂

I thought my gear for a half marathon was a lot but they have so much more to set up, it’s crazy.

Then it was time for football. We got home, changed really quick, had a quick lunch and were on our way.

The game was SO much fun. We made a few friends while we were there. The atmosphere was awesome. I’ve been to baseball and basketball games but had never been to an NFL game. I loved it!

We got nachos and a souvenir cup at the game, we don’t usually buy stuff like that but it was our first real game so it’s a must.

Our seats were 11 rows from the field. It was so exciting being so close to all the players. I got to see Fitzgerald closer 😉

I had a little crush on him before but not it’s a big crush.


He is super hardcore.

That was my weekend…it was fun 🙂

Now it’s time to get ready for Halloween weekend…yeah!!!!

Question: Are you dressing up this year or not really into it?



One comment on “Take Two

  1. Melissa says:

    WOW great job on your 12 miles!

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