busy busy busy

Hi!! I’m so glad it’s Friday. I love the feeling you get when your walking out the door from work on a Friday. It’s pretty awesome 🙂

Workout week 10/24/2011-10/30/2011

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- Rest Day

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 2hrs Zumbathon 🙂

Friday- 30 minutes yoga and 10 mins. ab dvd

Saturday- PLANNED 5-7 miles outside

Sunday- PLANNED short hike

Yup I took three rest days this week again. I was sick for the first half and I’m still not 100%. My throat is still hurting but I am feeling better than the first half of the week. I decided to not push myself too much and give my body the rest it needed. Even with the rest days, this week has been pretty exhausting.  October has been a busy month and the next two months are going to be busy too. Sometimes I make myself take rest days even when I don’t want to but I know I need them.

I am feeling a little better so I hope I’m 100% for the Women’s Half Marathon. I’m so excited. It feels like I haven’t ran a half in FOREVER but it’s only been 2 months. I’m ready for this one 🙂

So yesterday I went to Zumbathon again. It was a lot of fun again. They don’t have Zumbathons all the time but I really want to go when they have another one.

They had it at a different location this time.

We didn’t dress up. I had a costume in mind but decided to just wear comfortable workout clothes.

I took my sister with me. She loves to dance so I knew that she would love it.

Health update:

I have 1 treatment left!! YES you read right!!!!! ONE!! So on Tuesday I’m going to be SUPER happy. I can’t wait to be done with this BIA! I still have to take the medication for a few more months but that’s nothing. I can handle it 😉

Halloween Weekend Plans:

Tonight we are going to dinner then to a block party. This isn’t our official Halloween Get Crazy night but Craig and I still want to see what trouble we can get into. Tomorrow night is when the craziness begins. I’ll have a lot of pics…of course.

Time for me to get ready for my date…have a good safe Halloween weekend 🙂



2 comments on “busy busy busy

  1. deepsouthrunner says:

    I’ve never heard of a Zumbathon! So did you do Zumba for 2 hours??? That sounds tough! 🙂

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