Crossed the finish line

It’s Saturday night which means it’s almost time for me to start getting ready to go out for Halloween. I hope I get to see a lot of cool costumes 🙂 We don’t have any set plans for tonight, kind of just seeing what we can get into. We have some tickets for a huge block party so maybe we’ll end up closing out the night there….we’ll see.

Before getting my party on today, I ran 5 miles. It’s my last longish run until the Women’s Half Marathon. We went later than we usually do. We are usually out there by 5:30 am but this morning decided to go later because we are both a little under the weather still. We waited for the sun to come out, hoping we would feel better on our run.

There was a big traffic jam on our way to our usual spot, it took us a long time before we found parking. There was a 5k going that we didn’t know about and also the ASU Homecoming parade. We were about to give up and just go to our park when Craig remembered some hidden parking spot we could go to and still be able to run around Tempe Town Lake.

It was really nice to do part of a new route. We are going to keep it in mind.

We ran into the 5k walk peeps and it was craziness for a while but we were able to maintain our pace.

We actually ended up crossing the finish line 🙂 When we crossed the people around cheered for us. It was pretty cool.


We also got to cross the new Tempe Town Lake bridge. For the last month or so we’ve seen it but it’s been blocked off while they still worked on it. We have been looking forward to them opening it up.

It was really nice and it’s going to come in handy.

We actually ended up waiting a little too long to go on our run and it got a little hot. It was really nice outside but when you’re running…it’s not so nice. Next time we won’t wait to go so late just not so early either.

As you can tell by Craig’s long base layer and my pants, we were expecting it to be super cold because it was cold when we walked outside to check the weather. Plus since we are sick we wanted to make sure we were well covered up. We are sweaty beasts though so should always dress for warmer weather even when it’s a tad (hamilton) chilly outside.

After our run we went on a long ride, we had a couple of hours to relax and we love to take drives so it ended up being a really nice morning. I love mornings like that.

Now it’s time for me to get into my costume to PARTAAAAY! Hope you all have a great and safe night 🙂 I’m going to attempt to go on a short hike tomorrow morning even after being out super late….I’ll let you know if it really happens 😉




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