Race Filled Weekend

I had such an amazing weekend and I really want to get to the race recap but I have a few other things to go over first 🙂


On Friday I met my friend at the Women’s Half Marathon expo. I knew it was going to be small because I remember it being small from last year but I was still excited. This was my friend’s first expo and I wanted her to enjoy it.

I like that the bib#’s have our names on them. I don’t remember any of the RNR’s doing this but I don’t remember a lot of things. Disney races do though.

Dani was excited from the get go. She plans on doing the P.F.Chang’s Half in January so I told her their expo is even bigger. She thinks she will be in some trouble because she was already spending a lot of money at a small expo. haha. I told her I’m the same way and that’s why I only take a small amount of money with me. 😉

I bought a cute hair band that says RUN but you can also use it in between your shoelaces, which I did and I love it. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

She bought a couple stickers, her daughter a cute top and an iFitness belt.

After the expo Craig and I went to dinner. He had a race the next day and had also gone to pick up his packet. We were both pretty excited about our race weekend.


Saturday morning we woke up to the sound of rain. We were expecting it but we were hoping it would be gone by 9am when his race started. The rain did go away but it was FREEZING!! I think 50 degrees or something but it came out of no where. The weekend before it had been in the 80’s-90’s..not sure.

It looks all bright and hot but it was COLD, like omg my toes are getting frost bite cold. haha. Maybe because the grass was wet too…who knows. They had music and stuff to check out so the waiting wasn’t bad. We goofed around like we always do, then the race started. Craig and his friend ran the race together. It was 3 miles and 10 obstacles.

Craig said he expected the obstacles to be a little harder but he still had fun. I think he still likes Warrior Dash more though….maybe the mud and the whole jumping over fire thing 😉 He wore his GoPro camera the whole time and made a video which I’ll post sometime this week.

He looked pretty hardcore to me 😉 The air thing in the back was part of the kids race obsticales…I thought about doing that one. haha

After the race we visited my family, went to lunch and chilled for most of the evening. I’ll have the race recap tomorrow. I have a ton of pictures to post. I’ll let you know that our official finish time was 2:31:44 though….we were really happy with that. We didn’t have a goal time in mind and Daniela enjoyed her first half marathon a lot. She already wants to do another one. 🙂

Have a good night!!



3 comments on “Race Filled Weekend

  1. Becky says:

    That’s awesome!! Congrats on a great half marathon time, and I’m glad you didn’t freeze to death!

  2. deepsouthrunner says:

    That looks like a fun race! I just had my first race where they put your name on the bib – LOVED that! I’ve done two RnR half marathons and they don’t put your name on the bib. You would think for how expensive those are, they could at least do that if you sign up by a certain time. Oh well. 😉

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