Long runs are getting longer….

Good morning 🙂 It’s Monday again and back to the grind.

Workout week of 11/7/2011-11/13/2011

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- 3.2 mile run outside after work- 33 minutes

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 4.1 mile run outside after work- 41 minutes

Friday- 8.2 mile run outside after work- 1hr and 27 minutes

Saturday- 25 minutes yoga

Sunday- 30 minutes hike/walk with my sister

total hrs- 3hrs 38 minutes (I’m in a 3hr a week workout challenge with Becky from Bringin’ Becky Back)

Last week my runs were switched around a bit because it was supposed to rain all weekend and I didn’t want to risk getting sick again. We ended up doing our long run on Friday night. We really liked doing that and are planning on doing it again this week. I usually run..Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but this week we are going to do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This Friday my plan calls for 16 miles!!! Yup this is when they start getting longer and pushing me passed my comfort zone. I’m SCARED!!!! I knew this week was coming but it’s here and there is nothing I can do except DO IT!! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Here’s a picture Craig took last Friday on our long run.

We both felt really good. I was actually going to do 10 miles total, I was going to do 2 miles before he got there but he ended up getting off early and once he was done we went to dinner. I was starving!!! I still felt good though. While we were running they were having a wedding at the Tempe Art Center and we could see the couple dancing, they also came out by the bridge for pictures. We were a part of it without really being a part of it 😉


We went 4 wheeling and thankfully it was not raining. It turned out to be a really nice day. In the evening we went to my family’s house to watch the fight.


I took my sister Paula on an easy hike/nature walk. She had Sienna 3 weeks ago but she is slowly trying to get back into the swing of things. She wants to lose the baby weight pronto. We went to Papago Park which aren’t hard trails but still nice scenery. It was fun, we chatted and she did get a workout 🙂 She wants to do Zumba but she isn’t ready yet, maybe a couple more weeks of nature walks and her doing workouts at home though. I’m glad to see her back at it 🙂 Craig went along and hiked up the mountains and took pictures. It was really nice and cloudy outside but it never rained. After our hike we came home, got ready, ate lunch and met my other sister..Vero and my mom at the movies. Girl time is always fun 🙂 We watched “Real Steel.” I REALLY liked it. We’ve been wanting to watch it for a while and we finally all had time in our busy schedules. The rest of the evening Craig and I spent watching football and we went out to dinner.

This Friday Breaking Dawn comes out!! OMG, yes I’m a nerd and I’m excited. We are waiting until Sunday to go watch it. It’s a tradition that we all go together and we will not go without one…so the next time we can ALL go is on Sunday. I can’t wait!!


Have a GREAT Monday!



2 comments on “Long runs are getting longer….

  1. em says:

    WOW! I wish my runs looked like that! That picture is awesome! And don’t be scared of those long runs, you know you can do it, EASY 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn – can’t believe it’s here! You will feel so great when you complete that 16-miler – it’s intimidating the first time but you can do it!! 🙂

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