I am VERY happy to say that I ran my longest run to date last night. I DID IT!!!

Our plan was to run near by job at Tempe Town Lake but when I drove there after work it was blocked off. 😦 It totally threw me off and at that point I felt like not doing it anymore. I had wasted almost 30 minutes driving around trying to find a way in when I finally decided to go to our favorite park and run there. I was determined to get this in. I didn’t want to spend another week or day thinking about it. I wanted to know it was done and I knew it would be a great confidence boost for my longer runs coming up.

I arrived at the park, stretched and was on my way. I was able to do almost 5 miles before Craig got there.

I was able to snap this picture before it got too dark. I love it when the sky is all sorts of colors. The red was so red and beautiful.

By the time Craig got there it was dark. I was already feeling good about my run. I was in my zone and just thinking about the mile I was doing and not what I still had left. Craig had 9 miles to do but we ended up running to the 5 mile mark and back instead so he ended up with 10 miles. We were able to stop a couple of times for quick water breaks at the park since they have water fountains. At the 10th mile I started to get really bad back and stomach pain and cramps. I was having pooping issues and also “women” issues. Sorry to put that out there but it’s true. It was not a pretty sight. The 11th mile was one of the hardest. My legs felt great and I wasn’t tired but the pain was bringing my awesome run down a bit. I kept telling myself to run through the pain because I don’t know what the marathon will bring and I need to be able to run through it. I actually started feeling a little better by the 12th mile. When I was saw 13.1 on my garmin I was SO happy, a little emotional and Craig congratulated me 🙂 I had run a half freakin marathon after being at work all day and I was pretty proud of that.

Then I hit 13.5 and I was feeling it. It’s crazy how much .4 can do to a body. Maybe my body is kind of used to doing 13.1 but after that it was all new to me. My legs hardly ever get sore anymore on long runs but I started feeling every step on every part of my body. I kept pushing and pushing. Finally at around 14.3 I started to walk a bit because my back and stomach pain was getting worse again and I felt like I was going to poop my pants….NO LIE. I walked for less than a minute then told myself to not stop. I started running again and did it!! When we got back to our cars I felt like a million bucks. I had run 15.5 miles!! OMG!!! I was going for 16 but I’ll take 15.5 🙂 I was hungry and needed to take care of business. My legs actually felt a little sore and I needed to go home PRONTO but I was so proud and happy. Overall my run went really well and I’m ready to tackle 18 miles…my next long run.

I thought I was going to wake up and be real sore but I’m not 🙂 Maybe because I iced and stretched last night when we got home and I’m icing again this morning. We might still go for our hike. We’ll see 😉

Have a great day!!



2 comments on “I DID IT!!!

  1. Diana Acuna says:

    Hooray!!! You are mi Heroe!!!
    “ATREVETE” Y te “ATREVISTE” Super Wood! Great great job!

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