Time To Play Catch Up

Hi!! It’s been a week 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of this..

Our friend’s from Utah came to visit their family and friends for Thanksgiving so we took them hiking 🙂 My friend Mildred likes to hike and I do too, I wish they stayed longer so we could take them on more Arizona hiking trails.

We took them to Peralta Trail which is about a 5 mile hike and it’s one of my favorites. It’s not super hard but I love the beautiful view at the end.

But there’s actually nice views throughout the whole hike.

This is the end. You come to Weaver’s Needle, you can keep going onto other trails. There’s a lot of them out at Superstition Mountain. We need to do more exploring out there.

That day was crazy busy. After hiking we went to a late lunch then hung out for a bit before meeting all of Craig’s High School friends for dinner. We did this last year too, it might be a new tradition. It’s nice to hear all their stories. I wish I had kept in touch with my High School friends like that too. I talk to some on facebook but that’s about it.

The next morning we went hiking again. This was Thanksgiving morning and a lot of people were out and about…hiking, running and walking. The original plan was to go to Camelback Mountain but we couldn’t find any parking. There was A LOT of people out hiking.

We ended up going to Phoenix Mountain Preserve since there are a lot more trails there. We really like doing the main trail there that goes to the Summit but that one was also packed.

We ended up finding a really good trail that wasn’t super easy and still a good workout with a view.

We wanted to make sure to burn some good calories for our Thanksgiving feast 😉

It was kind of cloudy that day, they had said it was going to rain but it never did. It was just really nice weather the whole day.

For the last 3 years we have been doing something active Thanksgiving morning. One year we did a Turkey Trot, last year we ran 10 miles and this year we went hiking. I want to continue doing that, it’s nice to start the day like that.

Here’s Craig enjoying the view. We both really like hiking and just being outdoors. It was a really nice morning 🙂

After our hiking fun we enjoyed our Thanksgiving 🙂 I have a few pictures to post tomorrow, also running update and my workouts for the week.

Time for me to get my yoga on, I’m going to cut my hair today…EEEEEK! After over a year of letting it grow out, I’ve decided to go back to my shorter hair. I miss it.

This is where it’s at now….

And this is what I want to go back to, except I’m keeping my color…for now 😉

Talk to you tomorrow. Have a good Saturday peeps!!



2 comments on “Time To Play Catch Up

  1. You are SO cute. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I’m so jealous of your awesome hiking trails!!! I love to hike (when NOT hungover) – it’s so scenic and FUN. Post a new pic of your new-ish haircut. They are so refreshing and sometimes exactly what a girl needs 🙂

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