Running The Strip At Night Recap

Finally!! 😉

I want to start off by saying that I had a GREAT time running this race. I have a few things I didn’t like that I want to discuss first. Then we can get to the good part.

I ran this race last year and I loved it. It was Craig’s first half marathon and I was so excited that he was running it with me. I’ll never forget crossing the finish line holding hands. We decided to do it again this year because we wanted to make it a tradition and also because HELLOOOO Vegas and at night?! For sure. I was a little nervous about the weather the whole day because it was really windy and I hate running against the wind. It sucks. It was also more nerve wrecking worrying about the race the whole day. Maybe I over think things too much but we really didn’t want to get sick so we tried to watch what we ate the whole day. Normally in Vegas we would’ve been like BRING IT!! Actually we kind of did with all the M&M’s we ate 😉 but that’s another post. For breakfast we went to a buffet but we didn’t eat a lot. For lunch we had Subway, I think that we made the right decision with Subway.

Anyway I don’t usually complain a lot, my peeps know that I try to think positive most of the time but I have to be honest with my recap. This race was not completely what I expected.  I’ll make it quick

~ It was WAY crowded, I thought maybe after a few miles it would clear up but it ended up being that way for us the whole race. I thought Disney was crowded in the beginning but this was actually worse.

~ There was a lot of people walking from the get go, it was hard to get around them since there was so many people walking.

~ We didn’t get water until the 8th mile because they had ran out by the time we got to a water station. I don’t remember ever seeing the cytomax but maybe I just didn’t see it…who knows.

~ Not sure why but there were people with strollers on the course..I’ve never seen that before. I don’t think it’s allowed.

~ It was craziness when the half marathon and marathon met up on the strip. We stayed on the right the whole time but we did see some people going over to the left and felt bad for the marathoners.

~ The porta potties that I saw had fences infront of them making it hard to get to them.

~ I think the last corrals all started at the same time because there wasn’t any breaks which I think is what made it even more crowded.

That’s it…I feel bad complaining but for a while I did get a little frustrated. I was more bothered with how crowded it was. It was hard to get around people and to get into our zone. We actually never did. Our pace was a lot slower than for our regular runs. We didn’t have an exact goal time but we did want to beat last years and we did 😉 We finished in 2:44 and Craig now has a new PR. He beat his time by 12 minutes. I was so happy. The weather actually turned out to be the least of my worries. It started getting colder and windier towards the end though.

Now that I got that out-of-the-way here are the fun stuff about the race 🙂

I love my outfit. At first I thought it was kind of boyish since Craig and I wanted to match but once I threw the skirt on, I was happy.


See we tried to match 🙂 It was weird getting ready for a race at 4 pm. I was starting to get lazy but once we started to get ready, I was so excited.

It was so cold when we first got outside, also when we were waiting in the corral. Once we got moving I got warmer though.

Everyone was so excited and pumped. People in our corral were chatting like if we knew each other forever.

Only in Las Vegas do they have a Tiger to cheer us on. haha. They also had the Jabbawockeez performing. It was pretty cool. While we waited in our corral we all were singing. The band would have the crowd sing..he even said we weren’t just runners, we were singers too. haha.

See looks cuter with the skirt 😉 I had to girl mine up a bit. Oh and I loved the arm warmers. They kept me warm…duh. haha. And they were easy to pull down when I got too warm.

We were trying to stay warm. We are always a little pink but I think the coldness added some to our noses and cheeks.

Showing my wrist bracelet that my parents gave me awhile back. I always wear it now for races.

I don’t know if I was frustrated or what in this picture but I look very serious. haha.

Running down the strip with the lights was so cool. I kept looking around, there were a ton of people on every bridge and when we ran under them we would all scream.

Craig gets colder than I do so he was prepared with an undershirt and beanie.

Craig had to take a bathroom break during the run. We had used the porta potties before we started but we drank a lot of water that day trying to stay hydrated. We couldn’t find a porta potty so we ended up going into Jack N the Box and there was a line. There was also a marathoner ordering food. LOL. We didn’t want to have to stop because we really wanted to beat our time but sometimes…you just have to. Plus we still beat our time.

A lot of the pictures came out blurry but I did my best.

Towards the end of the strip when we get to the not so popular parts, it got a little darker. I prefered running on the strip. I was so happy once we got back on it.

We were cheery even though there were a few things we didn’t like. I love running with Craig. I want to do more with him.

We got done right on time because the wind started to pick up even more. I read that it rained too. We must’ve been inside when that happened.

I was happy to get one of this blankets, I’ve always wanted one but never saw where they were after crossing. I’m glad I got one for this race because I actually needed it. It was so cold. Brrr.

Once we got inside Mandalay Bay it was chaos!! I started to freak out a little bit because of all the people. I tend to get like that sometimes, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and light-headed. I calmed down and I was fine but it was craziness in there. It took us so long to get through it and back to our hotel. We got back to our room, changed and went to a super late dinner. We went to American Burger Works inside Excalibur and brought it back to our room. It was DELICIOUS!! 🙂 I think anything you eat after a race is good. haha.

Now, I’m not sure if we will do it next year. Our experience wasn’t horrible but we want to try other races. I’ve done other RNR races and loved them and I still plan on doing them. I just think even though it wasn’t a “new” race, it kind of was and hopefully next year the things that weren’t so great..will be. I liked running down the strip at night….you never know, maybe we will do it again in the future. We’ll see.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing about Vegas but I have a post tomorrow with our days in Vegas and what we did 🙂



7 comments on “Running The Strip At Night Recap

  1. courtney says:

    awesome job! i love that you all did this together and you look super cute as always!

  2. cynthia says:

    You looked great! Love the green sparkle skirt, I need to add that to my list of colors I want 🙂
    I agree, anything you eat after a race is yummy haha. Next time we both do the same race we need to meet 🙂

  3. I’ve heard really horrible things some people experienced at this race – I’m glad your experience didn’t seem to be as bad as some of those other people’s. I bet it will be way better organized next year. Love your running outfit!

  4. Melissa says:

    Way to go Craig on his PR!! Reading all the race reports, it sounds like that race was crazy crowded. Being a tad claustrophobic, I’m not sure i could have handled it!!

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