Yeah A Week Later…

Okay so this will be the end of the Vegas talk for a while..

Before we headed to Vegas we stopped at Subway for breakfast and since Starbucks is next door I picked up a coffee for the road too.

Their breakfast sandwiches are really good.

On our way to Vegas we were really nervous about the weather. We heard that the weather in Kingman was going to be bad. It actually turned out to be really nice. It def will be a drive we will always remember. Craig and I were both really enjoying it. There was a part where we were in the clouds for a while and it was really cool.

The snow was falling as we drove through it and it was really pretty but it was FREEZING. It’s nice to look at but not to be out in it.

Craig was really enjoying it….was he singing?! haha.

As soon as we got there we headed to lunch. Didn’t check in until after the expo. By the time we checked in it was dinner time. We got dressed and met our friend Chris at a burger joint inside Luxor. We’ve always wanted to try it out, it was kind of pricey but really good. Now that we went, we don’t have to go again and spend 20 bucks on a burger 😉 After dinner Craig and I went to a show. It wasn’t a super fancy one, more like “adult” one so I won’t go to much into it except it was good and the singer was really talented.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to breakfast. We weren’t sure what to do for breakfast because we didn’t want to go crazy but also wanted to eat enough for our race. We ended up going to the Monte Carlo breakfast and had a good breakfast. We made sure to not eat too much greasy stuff because we didn’t know what that would do to our stomach for the race.

After breakfast we did some strip walking and shopping.

I love all the Christmas decorations…we didn’t get a chance to go to Bellagio which is one of my favorite things. But I love their it’s free.

We have a few spots we HAVE to hit up and Lick is one of them.

Also…the M&M store. We always get a bag and pay like 20 bucks when we could probably buy a few bags at the regular store for that price. But it’s fun picking out our own colors. It usually takes us the trip and a few days when we get home to finish them off but this time….they didn’t make it home. EEEK.

We go way back with these M&M’s 😉

We didn’t do the 3d movie this time though. We’ve seen it too many times. haha.

By the time we got done it was lunch time. We headed to our room, changed and met our friend at Subway. We rested a little before the race then it was running time.

On Monday morning we ate Krispy Kreme for breakfast and did a little gambling. I won 35 bucks 🙂 Yeah it’s not much but we got to play for a while and I still brought some home. The nickel machines are fun.

We walked around with our shirts. There was a lot of people wearing their medals. We thought that was funny.

For lunch we ate at a new to us pizza place inside New York New York. We seriously ate burgers and pizza most of the weekend. I did my best to burn them off this week.

Vegas was awesome as always. Not sure when we will go again but it always tends to creep up in our plans somehow.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. 🙂



One comment on “Yeah A Week Later…

  1. Looks like a really fun trip!! I’m so jealous, never been to Vegas before!

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