Saved by the smart phone

I’m so glad to be back to normal posts.

Today was a rainy day..super rainy and cold. I knew this was coming but I totally forgot. I was not prepared when I stepped outside to go to work. I usually would’ve left a little earlier because even thought I LOVE the rain, I HATE driving in it. I made it to work with time to spare though 🙂 I’m still very much enjoying my schedule. I might have to move it up another hour, I’ll find out this week. I’m okay if I have to but I would like to keep this schedule. I feel like I finally have my sleep and routine like I want it.

I have a gym update that I’ve been wanting to go over with you but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today I have my weekend recap 🙂

Friday night we went to our favorite place right now for dinner…Rumbi’s. We are loving this place. It’s been like over a month that we always want to go there. It’s so good. Afterwards we came home watched a Christmas movie while we put up our tree. We usually do it right after Thanksgiving but we have been so busy. I love that we finally have it up. I like going over our ornaments. We always buy one on trips and it brings back memories.

We took pictures with the real camera but not sure where that memory card is so I’ll have to show you our phones pics.

My sister gave us this San Diego Zoo ornament this year so we sent her a picture of us putting it on our tree 🙂

Blurry…we got this one from our cruise. Santa is a mexican Santa since we went to Ensenada.

This is from our Utah/Colorado trip this year. Not sure why we didn’t get one from Moab or Salt Lake City.

Saturday morning we went on a hike. We’ve been wanting to do this hike for like a month now but we would end up doing a different one or something else. We finally went and we LOVED it. We definitely want to go back. There are so many trails out there for us to explore too 🙂 I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone. Saved by the phone camera 😉

The trail is called Tom’s Thumb and it’s 4.2 miles round trip. I had a long run planned for Sunday so I wasn’t so sure about trying a new hike but went along with it because I was excited.

The trail isn’t super long but it’s STEEP.

It was really beautiful, no matter where you looked you had a nice view.

It was cold and very windy. Especially when we got to the top. But it was so pretty.

There’s a part when you reach one of the hills where you can see Red Mountain (my favorite mountain) and the fountain in Fountain Hills. The fountain was going as we reached the top of the hills. It was so cool You can see it a little bit on the picture of us to the left.

Then we reached Tom’s Thumb…see how Craig is showing his thumb to compare 😉

I’m so glad we finally did it. It took us about 2 hours but I am super slow going down. I love hiking but going down scares me sometimes. Especially when its loose rock. My hamstrings and butt cheeks were sore the next morning from doing what looked like lunges all the way down because I’m being so careful to not slip. Yeah I’m a baby!! I’ll get over my fear, I used to not be this way but that doesn’t stop me from hiking. It’s too awesome to stop.

Sunday I was LAZY!! Very very lazy. I don’t get those days very often. I honestly did NOTHING and loved every minute of it. Here’s my day..

~Pick up a coffee from Starbucks and 2 Redbox movies

~ We watched Cars 2..super cute

~ Watched Football, went to lunch and watched Football there, went to Party City for Craig’s Party (I have to also update you on that ;))

~ Get home and watch more Football while doing my nails

~ Watch Crazy Stupid Love…LOVED IT

~ Watch Football and fall asleep 🙂 It was awesome.

I don’t get to have another one of those days for a while though…back to BIZZZness, speaking of business. I gotta get ready for the gym. 🙂 Hope your having a good night!

Oh and before I leave here is the link to the Las Vegas RNR video Craig made. I’m really annoying so please don’t stop reading my blog because of my squeaky voice. LOL. Not sure why but I’m not able to post it the way I used to.



3 comments on “Saved by the smart phone

  1. Tom’s Thumb looks like an AWESOME hike! It’s always nice picking a hike with beautiful scenery… It makes the process of going up slightly better. =D

  2. Lazy days are definitely the most fun. Especially when it involves watching football 🙂 Your hikes always leave me so jealous!

  3. Melissa says:

    Tom’s Thumb looks cool! What part of the Valley?

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