Change I Needed

We are almost there…Friday is so close. I can feel it.

So I’ve been wanting to give you the low down on our new gym.


Here’s the story…I’ve been going to Bally’s Total Fitness for the last 4 years and I loved it. It was a smaller gym with older machines but it felt comfortable. I knew all the people who went there and there weren’t any surprises. Craig had been going there for about 9 years so he felt even more comfortable than I did. Well on December 1st I had an email from Bally’s saying that L.A. Fitness was taking over their members but our contract and payments would be the same. I was a little sad but whatever, at least we would still get to go to the same gym. That day we went to run our last run before Las Vegas RNR. We got there at 5:30 pm and there wasn’t anyone at the front desk and the scanner to swipe our cards was gone. Hmmmmm. A girl comes out to the counter and tells us very rudely that the location was going to be closed starting December 8th…:( She also told us we could go to any L.A. Fitness and they would have all our info.

So since we got back from LVRNR we’ve been going to L.A. Fitness and I must say that so far I LOVE IT!!! Only thing we don’t dig very much is how busy it is. Our Bally’s was never too crowded but L.A. Fitness has other things that make up for the crowdedness 😉

On Tuesday I took the Zumba class and I had so much fun. I want to take it every week. I also want to try the Cycle and Kickboxing class. My old gym had a lot of classes but it didn’t have Zumba so I was way excited when I saw it on the schedule. I loved taking Kickboxing but they didn’t offer it at night anymore at Bally’s and this gym does so I plan on taking Kickboxing every week too. It’s nice to change things around a bit. Our new gym is also only 5 minutes away and only 3 miles away so when the weather permits I want to run to the gym before a class too. So many fun things planned 🙂 This week my workouts have been good and fun. I tend to get lazy during Winter so I’m glad I’m keeping it interesting. Maybe L.A. Fitness was a change that I needed to kick my lazy butt into gear.



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