Time to Party on the Party Bus

Woohooo Friday baby…FRIDAY!!!

I’m extra excited for this weekend because we are celebrating Craig’s birthday. His birthday is on December 21st but we are celebrating with our friends tomorrow night. I got a party bus so we don’t have to worry about driving and we can party in between partying.

I’ll make sure to take lots of appropriate pictures to share too. 😉

Before I party I have a long run planned. There’s no time to skip my runs anymore. My marathon is less than a month away!!!!!!! So I gotta get it done early morning because I know that on Sunday my booty will not be going. I don’t usually drink and when I do, it’s not pretty so I didn’t make any plans for Sunday except to recover 😉

I want to post about my long run tomorrow, I hope  get a chance. I have lots to get ready for the party…including Jello-shots 🙂 I’ve only made them 1 other time and they came out delicious and dangerous. Hope you all have a great weekend! (incase I don’t get a chance to blog until Monday)



One comment on “Time to Party on the Party Bus

  1. Melissa says:

    Party bus, how fun!! Can’t wait to read the recap. 🙂

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