A lot of Firsts in 2011

2011!!! This was a fun year. Like the title says…I experience a lot of firsts this year and I’m ready to experience more in 2012!! Bring it!!

So I’m going to try to break it down to the most memorable things each month, it’s hard because looking back there are SO many things. I love looking back, I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was going through my picture folders 🙂


Craig took me away for my birthday. We went to Flagstaff for the weekend and it was so nice. We might do it again next year 😉


There was some hiking and very little running in February. I was going through Physical Therapy for my IT Band Injury.


My 1st race after finishing with my PT. Our 1st 10k 🙂

My 1st time “Mtn. Biking” I haven’t been back since. lol

We also went on our 1st cruise this year. Another 1st…we went to Mexico for the first time together. It was a fun trip and even though we thought it would be a few years before we did another cruise, it might be sooner than we planned.


Hiking in Sedona, Arizona. More hiking trips planned in Sedona next year for sure.

1st time running Pat’s Run, plan on doing it again next year.

Craig did Warrior Dash for the 1st time and now I want to do it….I plan on doing it with him next year too 🙂


New Trail…Tunnel Trail.

Camping with friends.


Vegas weekend trip to see Britney Spears for the 1st time!! 🙂


Utah/Colorado road trip!!! One of best trips yet…first stop Moab, hiked so many trails at Arches National Park.

Visited friends in Salt Lake City and had so much fun. Hiked Timpanogos Cave, visited Park City and ate at our 1st Brazilian Restaurant.

Drove to Dinosaur National Monument then to Ouray, Colorado. Fell in love with Ouray!!

Then I was in 4 states at once 🙂


Took my sister to Fossil Creek, 9 mile hike and we almost died…just kidding.

Everytime we did this trail in the past I would watch people swing on that rope, this time I swung on it too.

Got my 1st Garmin!! I LOVE IT!


Went do Disneyland and saw World of Colors and got on the Little Mermaid Ride 🙂 I cried.

Ran my 8th Half Marathon and finished in 2:30 🙂 Ran for the 1st time in a tutu and it was really fun.


Susan G. Komen Race #3 🙂

Tried Indoor Rock Climbing for the 1st time.

Went to my 1st NFL game.

I was the Evil Queen for Halloween.


Ran my 9th Half Marathon with my friend in a sparkle skirt 🙂 Love them!! This was my friend’s first half marathon and it was awesome running it with her.

Our friends from Salt Lake City came to visit and we took them hiking.


#10 in Las Vegas with my love. This was Craig’s 2nd half marathon and we were super excited to run it at night.

New hiking trail…Tom’s Thumb. We will be back 🙂

And these are some of the pictures from Craig’s Birthday Drunkfest!! This was our 1st time getting a party bus and we had a blast.

I’m so ready for 2012!! I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I’m ready to have more 1st times, adventures and another great year!! Only thing I do ask…is to have a HEALTHIER year 🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!! Hope you all have a great time, be safe 🙂



2 comments on “A lot of Firsts in 2011

  1. craig says:

    we did a lot.

  2. Courtney says:

    great recap! looks like you all had a great year!

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