I met The Biggest Loser!!

Yup that’s right. I met Ali Vincent!

I was so excited and nervous. I saw her waiting in line for the porta potty. haha. I was too shy to go up to her but my friend convinced me to do it when we kept seeing her walking around. I am a HUGE Biggest Loser fan and I totally watched Ali’s season. I’m so glad I got to talk to her even if I sounded like a complete fool. She was really nice. I’m glad my friend made me be brave to ask her if I could take a picture with her. I was already having a great morning but that put the icing on the cake.

We ran/walked the 5k. Daniela which is my friend’s daughter ran her first 5k and she told my friend she wants to run more. I’m so glad that they let me share their first 5k with them. I had a lot of fun.

That evening Craig and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. 🙂 Pretty perfect.

Sunday morning we headed out for our last long run before the P.F. Changs Marathon. I have a few short runs this week, the longest being 2 miles. I don’t know how much work I’ll get done at work because my mind is seriously on the marathon.

The Monday after the marathon my sister and I have appointments to finally get our tattoos. It’s set, paid and no going back. I’m getting a running girl on my foot, not because of the marathon but because running is a part of me and will always be.



4 comments on “I met The Biggest Loser!!

  1. Melissa says:

    How cool! I watched her season too. 🙂

  2. I am new to your blog…what will your tat be after your full? I am going to get a running tattoo after my first full (4.22.12)!

    • betybliss says:

      Hi and thanks for reading 🙂 I got it on my foot and it’s a girl running. I’ll be posting a picture of it soon. And way to go on your first full marathon, you’re going to love it!!

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