I did it!! I’m a Marathoner!! (Part 2)

I felt like the race was going by pretty fast. I felt really good and I was happy that I had started off slower. I was hoping that it would pay off at the end.

I almost didn’t take my camera. I usually always take one with me but I didn’t want to run 26.2 miles carrying my phone and camera but I’m glad my sister and Craig convinced. Even though they aren’t the best pictures, they still are important to me and I can totally remember what I was thinking in certain pictures.

I LOVE LOVE to read people’s signs, these put a smile on my face and I think the girls knew it 🙂

For most of the race I felt AWESOME, I was even dancing with my arms as I ran. I made an awesome playlist and I’ll be sharing it with you once these recaps are done. I didn’t have to skip a song at all. I was really enjoying everything about the race. It did feel weird when I passed the 13.1 mark, for a quick second I thought about how I would’ve been done but I was excited to keep going.

But then mile 20 happened…it was completely out of the blue. One minute I was jammin’ to my music, having small talk with other runners, high fiving peeps and having the biggest smile on my face and the next minute….I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My chest hurt and EVERYTHING hurt. My hips, back, legs, back of my head and my FEET!! I noticed my pace decrease A LOT.( Not like I was going super fast) The last 6 miles were hard BUT not as hard as I had imagined. To be honest the months following the race, I kept imagining the worst in the last 6 miles and it wasn’t that bad. I think it helped that I imagined the worst in a way. Lol. Even though everything hurt I was still having fun. I was already thinking about wanting to run another one. I must like to be tortured. haha

This was a little after the 25 mile marker. I run by this bridge a lot and I work at one of those buildings so I was comfortable and I knew the end was close. I was doing everything possible not to stop and walk and also to NOT CRY. Not because I hurt but because I knew I had made it. Just writing that makes me want to cry.

It started to sprinkle at this point and I was happy I was almost done because I didn’t want to run in the rain 🙂

Meanwhile, my family was waiting for me for almost 6 hours!!! They are the best!! I love them!

My niece Jasmine, she is such a good girl.

My brother and sister and my other peeps were there too, waiting for me 🙂

My mom took this picture…I was totally fighting back the tears at this point. As soon as I saw Craig and all my family and friends the pain went away and my shuffle because a run.

Seeing my peeps and the finish line is a feeling and memory that I will NEVER forget. It was one of the best feelings to know that I did it.

My friend took this picture with her phone. When I crossed the finish line I went to take my pictures and grab some food and I was NOT crying. When I saw my family I could not fight the tears anymore. As soon as I hugged my mom, dad and Craig I started to cry and cry and cry. I was bawling. My mom asked if I was okay and I said yes and that I was just so happy.

At that point I still didn’t feel any pain. I felt awesome, unstoppable 🙂

I told them a few things about the race as tears still came down my face.

I didn’t eat the rest of that bagel. lol….too dry.

My niece and sister made us signs. My niece was so happy to see me run. She kept hugging me. Family is the best!!

After the race we went to Peter Piper Pizza for some cheap pizza. I thought I was going to eat a whole pizza alone but I only ended up eating 2 slices….lame!! I think I was still too excited.

We took these pictures outside…a lot of pictures 🙂

With my family..missing little Sienna, Jose and my love.

With Craig,  my #1 Fan!! I love him so much, he is my rock.

My parents, even though they think I’m crazy they still support me.

My sisters/ best friends, these are my girls.

My little brother, he is a crazy kid that takes care of his sisters.

And my baby…She makes me want to have kids 😉

Craig with the family….these people are my world.

I’ll never forget running my first full marathon. I’m glad I did it and that I had a good experience because that left me wanting to do more. Crossing the finish line and having the people I love there was the best feeling in the world. I want to do it again!! haha

And thank you guys for your support, your comments really helped me stay motivated!!




3 comments on “I did it!! I’m a Marathoner!! (Part 2)

  1. MissJennica says:

    I am so proud of you! I wanted to tear up just reading it! What a great accomplishment! Congratulations!

  2. Melissa says:

    Congratulations, Betty!!!!! So proud of you!!

  3. Becky says:

    SO SO SO SO proud of you! I can relate to you regarding the emotions felt during that final stretch; it is completely overwhelming in such an amazing way!

    Congratulations on finishing your first marathon. I have a feeling I’ll be reading more marathon recaps from you soon. They can be addicting!

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