Birthday Hike and Weekend

My 28th birthday was on Wednesday….eeeeek.

To celebrate I took the day off. I REFUSE to work on my birthday. I usually make it a lazy day until Craig takes me out to dinner but most of the day I’ll just lay there and watch movies. This year was different. I wanted to have a relaxing day but still do something fun.

Craig had the day off so we went hiking.

We went to South Mountain, Craig had a new trail for us to check out. I had never been hiking on this side of South Mountain before and I was really excited to try something new there.


When I first saw the smaller hill that the trail led through, I thought this hike was going to be way easy but then it just kep going and going  higher and higher. I was happy that it ended up being a good workout but nothing too crazy. I loved the view too.


Once you’re almost done you get to this little valley and I really liked it.

We decided to keep going onto other trails and keep exploring. We had a little more time left so why not…

I’m so happy we did too because we found a little cave inside Hidden Valley.


It was so cool and if we had more time we would’ve explored a lot more. We found a few more hikes in South Mountain that we are definelty going back to check out.

The hike ended up  being about 3.5 miles, it was a great way to start my day I loved that we went on new trails (to us) and that we found a cave we didn’t expect to see at all. I felt like a real explorer.

The rest of the day was spent EATING A LOT. We tried a Hawaiian restaurant that we LOVED, we will be back. We went to Sprinkles because I LOVE their cupcakes. I tried the S’mores one and OMG, it was amazing!! Then we went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. I finally tried crab cakes and I am hooked. Those things are bomb!! (do people still say that? ;)) My bday was pretty awesome. We are actually still celebrating it this weekend. Today we are leaving to Flagstaff for one night. We want to do some hiking, hopefully the weather isn’t too bad. We’re staying at our new favorite little place in Flagstaff. It’s so comfy and cute. I’m packing now and heading over to the gym for a Zumba class with my sis before we leave 🙂

I’ve got a lot done this morning so far. I love days like that. I was finally able to order my Bountiful Basket after months of not doing it because of training. I went and picked it up this morning and I realized how much I missed picking up my basket. It’s like a surprise every time 🙂

Yay!! Can’t wait to try some new recipes this week 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!!



3 comments on “Birthday Hike and Weekend

  1. courtney says:

    happy late b-day!! sounds like a great day!

  2. diana says:

    Girl I love the hidden valley trail! I am actually on a mission to do all of the trails at south mountain before May.
    I too have done the bountiful baskets.. Is yours the organic or no? I haven’t been able to get mine for a while too because of hiking..I wish they did it on sunday! Love your pictures!

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