Birthday Weekend

I loved birthday weekend!! It was so relaxing and I totally needed to relax.

When we got to Flagstaff it was dinner time. We checked in, checked out our room (that we still really like) and then headed to dinner. I was so happy that it wasn’t snowing and that it wasn’t WAY too cold. It was cold…just not like last year. I like to have some snow around just because it looks nice but it’s not my favorite. Last year we had to wear our really big thick jackets. This year we got away with a regular jacket or sweater and a scarf. So to me the weather was perfect.

For dinner we went to a pizza joint Craig’s had his eye on for a while. We shared a spinach and artichoke dip and a medium pizza. We didn’t finish the pizza, probably because we tore up the dip 🙂

The next day we woke up pretty early, we are naturally early risers. We cuddled in bed for a while, it was so nice to do that without having to hurry up and get ready for something. We came out to the balcony and took some pictures of our view.

It smelled so fresh outside and like burning firewood. LOVED it.

We finally decided to get up at 8am to go get some breakfast. The hotel has this really nice restaurant with a lot of windows to the great scenery. We decided on the breakfast buffet like last year, it was good and I had a REALLY good cafe latte.

After our big breakfast we walked around the hotel trail.

This hotel has a lot of land and last year we didn’t get to walk too much of the trail because we couldn’t see it with all the snow. This year it was different and we got to check it out 🙂

It was a really nice morning walk. It was a little foggy too.

On our way back we saw an Albert’s Squirrel.

By the time we got back to our room it was about 10:30 am. We got ready, packed up and left to our next stop on the trip.

We went to Walnut Canyon.

And we did the Island Trail, which has 240 steps. It’s not bad going down but coming back up sure was a workout.

We read all about the ruins.

Then we decided to do the Rim Trail. They were both kind of short trails and we had plenty of time. The Island Trail took about 45 minutes.

When we were walking back we saw a deer. Then he ran off to his other deer friend and they started eating berries (we think) We watched them for a while, I like watching animals.

Our last stop before lunch was Buffalo Park. This also has another trail and there were a lot of people out running.

After our walking/hiking adventures we went to downtown Flagstaff for some shopping and a late lunch. We left a little later than we thought and got home a little late but it’s ok. We had a lot of fun and it’s our last trip for a while.

Thank You Craig for a great birthday weekend 🙂



4 comments on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you had a great birthday weekend! 🙂 Next time I’m in Phoenix visiting my aunt, I will request a visit to Flagstaff. Your pictures make it look so nice and fun. 🙂 Yay to Craig for making your birthday weekend great.

  2. courtney says:

    so glad you had a great weekend! i”m so ready for a weekend trip sometime soon! your pictures are great!

  3. diana says:

    I have never even heard about those places! My man and I are going up there a couple of times in March for the weekend so we will HAVE to hit them! They look really nice! I cant wait now! Rarely does someone post something in Phx I want to do.. Im so excited now!

    Oh and of course Happy birthday to you! You are 28 years young now!

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