That was sooooo LAST weekend. ;)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! This week kind of flew by for me and I’m so glad it did. I have a fun weekend ahead of me.

I’m a little behind in posts so here is LAST Sunday’s funness. (not word) Oh Well.

On Sunday I had originally planned to run 10 miles but I had run for 6 days in a row and I needed a break. So I told Craig we could do whatever he wanted that morning. He decided on a hike, we both thought it would be a short hike but it ended up being a little longer than planned. We headed to South Mountain to do some exploring. We are really trying to cover more ground there because we don’t go hiking there as much as we probably should. There are SO many trails.

We took a dirt road to the trails which was about 1.2 miles I believe. This area was all new to me, there were a lot of people out. A lot of mountain bikers, hikers and families just hanging out. It was the perfect morning for it too.

I like checking out these buildings.

We decided to take National Trail which is like 15 miles I think. We didn’t do the whole thing but we were on it for a while until we decided to turn onto Mormon Trail. Before doing that though we decided to try to find Fat Man’s Pass….


And we did. I was so excited that we found it. The last time we went hiking in South Mountain some other hikers mentioned it to us but we were on our way out so didn’t have time to check it out. It’s been on my mind ever since and I’m glad we were able to check it out and that we both fit. haha.

That’s Craig over me. I kept going inside it like if I was a little kid because it was so cool to me.

After we had our fun at Fat Man’s Pass we came back on Mormon Loop. I’m pretty good going up on trails but going down…not so good. Just makes me a little nervous and I take my time. Oh and by the way, Craig went mountain biking on Wednesday and he did this trail. He is one crazy guy. There is no way I would do it. It was steep going down for me and that was walking…on a bike…NO THANK YOU. He loves it though and had a lot of fun. Even though he busted up his left knee. He was pretty excited when he showed me his wound when I got home from work 😉

GROSS. If you’re into mountain biking check out Craig’s video 🙂

We ended up doing 7.5 miles and we had such a great morning. We are going to be doing a lot of hiking because our Havasupai Falls hike in the Grand Canyon is in May. We need to be ready for that 🙂

After our fun morning we had a fun afternoon.

My niece wanted our family to have a picnic at the park and we did.

We had salads, sandwiches, chips and some dips. That’s the kind of food my niece wanted. We all wanted burgers and hot dogs but since it was her idea we did as she asked 🙂

The food was good and the company was even better.

We played some games including cornhole.


My niece loved it, I love family time 🙂

This weekend it’s going to be a lot of time with friends, movie, expo and running fun. I can’t wait!!! We are starting it off tonight with a dinner and some shopping for our hiking trip.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



One comment on “That was sooooo LAST weekend. ;)

  1. courtney says:

    i think it’s so awesome that you all are so active together! i’ve gotta get my hubby doing some of this stuff with me too!

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