IMS Half Marathon Recap

This is the race I registered for 2 weeks ago. It’s a smaller race and I had never ran it before. I was pretty happy to be running a smaller race. There were a lot of things that were so different from a RNR race.


One of them being the size of the expo. I’m one of those big nerds that likes the expo but it was nice just getting my bib and t-shirt and leaving. Not sure if I told you but I only paid $42 for this race. It was like meant to be, I saw it on Schwaggle and the plans I had for that day were cancelled so I had to take advantage of the opportunity to run a new race.

For dinner we went to Outback, the steak the night before a race is really working for me so I’m going to stick with it. Pasta…not so much.

I set out my stuff and set my alarm for 4:30 am.

I wanted to have some time to “handle” my business. Didn’t really work out at home but on the way there we stopped at the gas station and it workout out there 😉 Yay!!! Made me feel so much better about the race, nothing like starting a race “prepared.” I had a Powerbar for breakfast on the drive there and some water. I had some Powerbar gummies in my little pocket thing I bought. I’ll talk about that on another post.


Oh I almost forgot. So I thought I was going to be running this race alone until Friday…my friend Daniela said she wanted to run it together 🙂 I like running with my peeps so that made me happy. She bought us these cute arm warmers and we tried to get an outfit together that we both had that kind of matched.

The start line was way smaller than what I’m used to but it had a nice feel to it. The race started at 7:30 am. As we walked to the start another runner told us they had changed the course this year and it wasn’t as flat as it used to. Eeeeek.

The course was pretty neat. It didn’t end up being to hilly, I only remember like 3 hills. The last one being the steepest. We ran by a lot of farms.

The streets weren’t really closed so there were some areas where we didn’t have too much room but it was never really an issue.

Blowing Craig a kiss 🙂

It seemed cloudy most of our run but it never rained. It was perfect weather. We had our gummies at the 6th mile.

I took my camera with me and these are some of the pictures I got. When we saw the Cardinals Stadium we knew we were close.

I love this picture of Daniela. She was totally in her zone and didn’t even notice me taking her picture.

There were a few parts when we could tell the drivers were getting a little frustrated that they had to wait for us. I know how that feels 😉

This was around the 10th mile. Craig was on the other side of the road so I knew I was going to see him from far, no kiss for me that time. hee hee.

I also love this picture. You can see the dark clouds in the back. This was going down the last hill after the 12th mile. We were so close, we could see Westgate which is where the finish line was and we got excited.


Unofficial time 2:29:~~

We didn’t beat my PR 😦 But we did beat Daniela’s and that makes me happy. I know I’ll have another shot at a new PR. I’m disappointed because I feel so ready but the main thing is that I still have fun and I totally did.

After the race we went to Five Guys for some YUMMY burgers 🙂



4 comments on “IMS Half Marathon Recap

  1. courtney says:

    great pics, great job!!! and how in the world do you run with your hair down and look so perfect the whole time?!? jealous!

  2. Looks like fun! I am so much more happy with small races – I’m doing RnR New Orleans next month and then I think I’m done with RnR and other huge races for awhile. Too stressful with so many people! Sorry about not PRing but there’s always next time 🙂 It’s hard to PR when running with someone, I’ve found, because you both have to adjust to each other, etc. But it’s more fun to run with someone too 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    He’s I need to hang with you…two fun weekends in a row. Nice job!

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