11.4 miles

Good Monday Morning 🙂

The weekend flew by for me.

Friday night Craig and I went for our usual run at Tempe Town Lake. It’s becoming a Friday tradition. After our run we go to dinner. There was one week we didn’t do it because I had a half marathon that weekend and it felt sort of weird. We might be skipping it this week too if I decide to run another half marathon on Sunday. (That will be another post)

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4am to get ready for the Climb to Conquer Cancer. I was out the door by 5:15am to meet my friend by 6am. They had buses to take you to the start. They had three different locations with a lot of parking.

We arrived at South Mountain where the climb was taking place by 6:20 am. We never saw our group so that we could take pictures with them so we just took our own.

We met our friend Mulu at the starting line and then started our climb at about 7 am.

They had a board with post its and you could add any message you wanted. The whole time we were doing this I had such a great feeling.

The hiking path was on a road but it was still very steep in some areas. It definitely was a good workout on the way up.

The event was very well-organized. They had water stops at every mile. Some stops had a band too. The weather wasn’t so bad either 🙂 We’ve been having awesome weather in AZ the last couple weeks. I’m so glad Winter is almost over.

We were hiking against the wind so I kept my sweater on for a while. I get sick way too easily so I’m extra careful now.

The views were great. My friends had not done a lot of hiking and they loved doing this. They kept saying how amazing it was. Now they know why I love it so much.

When we reached the top we got a sticker and there was a big party going on. There was a D.J. that was playing  great music. They could’ve had a Zumba class at the top and I would’ve been all for it.

They had Gatorade, chips, bananas and oranges for us.

At this point I was regretting wearing my hiking boots. They are about a month old, I was trying to wear them in. But I wished I had worn a pair of running shoes to run back down.

They had buses that would take you down but we decided to walk it back down. 🙂 It seems like a lot of people decided to do the same thing. I thought it was pretty awesome.

So close to the finish now 🙂 We did 11.4 miles. I was feeling great. My feet hurt a bit though but other than I was happy that we didn’t take the bus down. It was such a great day, good feelings all around. I would love to do this again next year.

After the hike I headed home to get ready for dinner.

The whole family got together because my sister’s friend was here from out-of-town. We’ve known him for such a long time, he is part of the family.

My girls 🙂

Here we all are ready to chow down. We went to BJ’s. I was good and had something from their EnLIGHTened menu. It was pretty good but not as good as Jasmine’s Oreo Pazookie 😉

And while Jasmine had her own Pazookie I had to share with these two….

They are like vultures when this comes out and I barely get any…happens everytime. I need to start ordering my own 😉

Hope you have a great start to your week!!




2 comments on “11.4 miles

  1. diana says:

    That sounds like something I might like to do next year. I swear you find the best things.. its like your Julie from the Love boat. Our little activities planner.

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