New and Lovin’

Good morning 🙂 Craig and I have today off, we decided to have a during the week date. Our plans for today…

~ Morning hike

~ Lunch at one of our favorite places that we haven’t been to for a while.

~ Shopping for our backpacks for our Havasupai hike in May.

and if there is time…some more shopping.

Before we start our day though I wanted to write a quick post about a few things I’ve gotten and that so far I’m loving.

Last Friday I finally went and bought new shoes. I’ve been needing them for about a month now but I was trying to use up my old ones as much as I could. Since my foot has been bothering me I decided I shouldn’t aggravate it more and just went and got these beauties.

I stuck with Brooks because so far these have been my favorite running shoes (Sorry Lunarglides) I was happy to have found them in pink too and of course I bought the pink shoelaces 😉 I had the Ravenna’s before but this time I went with the Adrenalines.

And this was a gift from Craig that I never posted. It’s bigger than it looks and I still need to get a frame for it. It’s from my 1st marathon I ran last month 🙂 It was a birthday gift and I LOVE IT!! I was considering on buying 1 picture when Craig surprised me with it.

For Valentine’s Day Craig bought me this bracelet. I have 2 that I always wear on race days so he knew I would love this one. I wore it for my last half marathon.

He also bought me this towel. This is perfect for when I go to Zumba. I sweat a lot.

I bought this at the IMS Half Marathon expo. I already have an iFitness belt that I really like but I like that this didn’t have a strap and decided to give it a try. I wore it for the half marathon and really liked it too. I was able to fit my Powerbar gummies with no problem. It has 2 pockets and easy to put on. Here’s the link for more info.

Roo Sport


And another thing that is new is my hair. I went from blondish hair to brown. I also went shorter. I’ve been wanting to go darker for a while but again I was being a little stingy 😉 but I finally did it and so far I’m lovin’ it too. I love running with my hair down and I’m able to do it with both lengths. I tried the longer look during summer but this year I think I’m going to stay with the shorter look.

Question: Anything new you’ve gotten that you’re loving?

There’s a few more things I want to buy that I saw last week but I’m still debating on spending the money 🙂

Have a great day!!




6 comments on “New and Lovin’

  1. Nicole W says:

    I LOVE my Brook Adrenalines!! They are awesome 🙂

    Not sure if you’ve ever been to Havasupai before but it is amazing! We backpacked down in October and I loved every second of it – I hope to go back some day 🙂

    PS – Congrats on your first marathon!!

  2. courtney says:

    i’m loving your pink shoes! (and in my life i’m loving CLICK protein after weights!)

  3. diana says:

    I love brooks adrenalines! Love them! U r going 2 totally dig havaupai! I organized and lead a hiking trip down there a few yrs trip is still talked about! How do u like zumba? Its on my list to try! Totally dig ur short haircut! Id go short if I didn’t look like an ugly boy!

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