Finally Used My Noggin

Thursday!! I must admit this week feels super long to me. I’ve been sick so I think that has something to do with it. The nights feel super long since I haven’t been sleeping well but I do feel better today 🙂

I’ve been wanting to write about my “Kiss Me I’m Irish 17k” but we are having internet issues this week. Hopefully we get someone out soon to check it out.  I can’t upload my pics until then so that post will have to wait. For now I do have a couple of updates….

~So yesterday I ordered these babies…

I saw the 50% off deal on Schwaggle and had to take advantage. I love compression socks, especially if they are cute!! I wasn’t sure which I should go with but decided with these because they have three colors and I can match it with more outfits 😉 I’m thinking we can wear green or blue for San Diego RNR.

~Talking about San Diego RNR. The only concern we had about this race was getting to the start or where we would be  parking at the finish. Who knew that if you checked the actual website for information that you would actually find it. haha.

Fast Pass – $35.00

  • Race day packet pick up (for Fast Pass purchaser only) (Don’t really care about this but it’s cool)
  • Free runner tracking (for Fast Pass purchaser only) through Competitor Wireless. Send tracking updates to up to five friends! ( I always get this which adds up to $10 so I like that it’s included)
  • Complimentary runner parking for one vehicle at the Finish*
  • Special shuttle to the Start Line**


Boom…problem solved 🙂 We got an additional shuttle wrist band for $2 and we are set. I’ve heard the fast passes are pretty great and usually no issues so I think it will work out. The parking is at Sea World which is where the race finishes. After the race we are going to Sea World anyway so it’s pretty convenient.

I’m hoping that our internet works by this weekend so I can write my race recap and also share some pretty pictures of our brief but nice hike from Sunday.

~This Saturday I have plans with my friend Cristina to attend our first Cross Fit class. I’m not even going to lie, I’m pretty terrified. I know it’s going to be tough but I want tough. I hope I feel way better by Saturday to be able to go.

~I want to welcome my sister Paula to my blog. After 3 years she finally decided to subscribe and read my posts. I guess I can’t talk about her anymore 😉 I should go back and delete some old posts. haha. Jk. I’ll actually be talking more about her since we started out training again. We started last Saturday and we are running the Firefly 5k together next month. If things go well, she is considering in running her first half marathon in November!! Yay!!

Sorry I was all over the place but I had 15 minutes to write this. haha. Break time over,  I guess I better get back to work. Hope you are all having a great week! One more day peeps.



2 comments on “Finally Used My Noggin

  1. We purchased a Premium Parking Pass for RnR Nola (I guess similar to the Fast Pass) which allowed us to park near the finish line and take a shuttle to the start. It cost $20 but was SO EASY and made the morning SO less stressful! I definitely think the money for that easier race morning is worth it!!

    I had never heard of Scwaggle before – it doesn’t have any “local” connection to where we live, but the national deals look good!

    • betybliss says:

      I’m so glad you liked it, I feel a lot better about it now. I just don’t want to worry about the traffic on race day.

      Yeah they have awesome deals. I check them out weekly. It’s a good thing but can be bad too 😉

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