Hi!! I’m back. We finally got our intranet issue resolved. 🙂 So I know this was like forever ago but here it is.

The week before the race I was sick (big surprise) and I wasn’t really feeling the whole thing. I considered in not doing it at all because I was just feeling crappy that whole week. I decided to set my stuff out the night before and decide see how I felt that morning.

It was hard to decide between the green sparkly skirt and my green tutu. Decisions, decisions.

I decided to go with the green sparkly skirt because I’m more comfortable in it. I also decided to go for the race and stop being a crybaby.  That morning I really wished that I had registered for the 8k instead of the 17k but oh well.

The 17k started at 7:17 am but we got there at about 6 am to pick up my packet. The race was only $40 for the 17k. I thought that was a really good deal. Especially since we got a cool bag and a cute green technical t-shirt.

I’m usually super early for races just incase my stomach decides to act funny. There was a lot of people running this race. It was my first time and I thought it was bigger than I imagined it would be. The morning of the race I was feeling better but still not 100%. I decided to just have fun with this race and not worry about time.

I didn’t take my camera with me so I don’t have any pictures of the actual race. We ran by a lot of farms and by the Cardinals Stadium. There was a point when the 17k separated from the 8k and we had to keep going further, at that point I had wished I was going with the 8k peeps. That feeling didn’t last long. It was a fun race and the volunteers were awesome. Since I don’t live on that side of town a lot of where we ran was kind of new to me so it wasn’t boring.

Before I knew it I was almost done and I could see my sister and the finish line.

I finished in 2:01 and I was expecting to take a little longer than that so I was really happy with my time.

They passed out these chocolates at the end. They had a lot of drinks and food after crossing the finish line. I got a little of everything. That’s just how I roll.

My sister and her bf were my support crew that day. I’m glad that they woke up way early for them to cheer me on. Craig was at work that day but made sure to cheer me on with text messages throughout the race.

I had a really good time and I would totally run it again next year.

The next day Craig and I went for a drive because it was cold and rainy. We decided to head towards Superstition Mountain and on our way we noticed there was snow on it. We decided to go back home and get our hiking shoes on to do some exploring.

It was so nice that morning. I was freezing my butt off but we were so excited that the mountain had snow. It’s AZ and March so it was kind of  a big deal for us.

I had 4 layers of shirts and sweaters on and I was still cold. I don’t think that helped my sickness because I was sick the following week again. When will I ever learn? haha

We went on a short hiking trail we had never done before. We didn’t finish it because I was way too cold and not feeling well but we want to go back to do it all.

It was a great weekend and that’s why I had to share it with you, even if it was like two weeks ago 🙂

It’s almost bedtime for me. Good night!



5 comments on “Rewind

  1. Melissa says:

    Loved your outfit! I went hiking that Sunday too…and we got hailed on! And then I got bronchitis. 😛

  2. Glad to hear the Kiss Me I’m Irish run was fun! Your outfit was really cute too!
    I had considered doing it, but some other things came up that derailed my plans – I guess I’ll just have to do it next year!

  3. I’m totally digging the green tutu! Seriously… I feel like you’re always running a race or hiking! You’re such a rockstar. =D

  4. diana says:

    I love your outfit! Totally cute and looks very comfy! Im going to have to put that one on my list for sure!

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