Red Rock

Last Sunday we went on another adventure, this time in Sedona. I’ve always loved going to Sedona, even as a kid with my parents. Now that I’m grown I get to see it in a different way and explore it more. Last year we made this trip in April, we went 4 wheeling and hiking. This time it was all hiking. We decided to go in March because our April weekends are all planned. We couldn’t wait until May to get our Sedona hike on so we went a little early. I was a little nervous that it was going to be cold because we’ve been having weird weather but it was perfect.

Before leaving on our 2 hour drive to get there we had breakfast at Subway and picked up our lunch. We had researched the two trails we wanted to do and decided to start with the longer one first.

On our way into Sedona we kept seeing all the trailheads and people hiking or mountain biking on some of the trails. We were getting more and more excited as we reached our trailhead. Craig was jealous of the mountain bikers, he’s planning a trip soon though.

OUr first trail was Boynton Canyon Trail. You do need a Red Rock Pass which was 5 bucks. Not too bad for a day of hiking whatever you want. There were so many cars at the parking lot for that trail but there was a few trails that shared the parking lot. We didn’t have an issue finding a spot and as we walked to the start of the trail we looked at all the license plates and noticed how many out of towners there were. Sedona is like our Moab 🙂

Not even half a mile in and we were already loving the beauty of this place.

The trail is marked very well so you can’t get lost.

We always sign in. I always tell my mom or sisters the trails we are doing and what time we are expected to be done just incase.

At the beginning of the trail we could hear someone playing the flute, they were up on the mountains. It was a serene feeling.


I love that Craig enjoys and loves this as much as I do. 🙂

The trail starts off hiking through the red rocks.

Then after a couple of miles it starts to get bushier and the red rocks seem to get further and further behind.

Then you’re in the forest with tall trees all around.

There was still some snow from the storm they had the week before.

When we were deciding on the trails we read that Boynton Trail was 5 miles round trip. At this point we knew it was going to be longer than that because our Garmins were already passed 2.5 miles. Towards the end of the trail there are a few more inclines. Nothing too crazy but a good climb.

Good thing I found this rock to rest on 😉

This is the very last incline, before you get to this awesome view.

We sat there for a bit just taking it all in, plus I was too scared to move anywhere. haha.

We headed back and stopped at the spot we picked on our way in for our picnic.

sandwiches and chips…oh and we had Subway cookies too. We were hungry at this point. It also started getting breezy so I put on my sweater.

On our way out we saw some of the ruins. We also heard the people playing the flute. The trail ended up being 6.44 miles and we finished in 3hrs and 44 mins.

After Boynton we headed to Vultee Arch Trail. This one was only about 3 miles. It was a long dirt drive to the trailhead though. By the time we got there it was later than we had planned on starting the hike. There was also only 1 car left and I started getting a little nervous. The trail felt so secluded to me and it was getting late.

We decided to do it anyway. We really wanted to do this trail so we signed in and started on our little journey.

Ummmm we didn’t make it too far. I chickened out about a mile into the trail. I know….I’m lame. But it was getting really windy and the trees were making all these noises. haha.

I was faster than lighting on the way out though, at least I know that if we were ever in real danger I could hopefully run faster than them 😉 So we were probably really close to the arch but oh well. We will totally be back, already planning the trip. This time we plan on staying over night and starting earlier so that we don’t have to start a trail super late when it gets creepy.

We did a little over 8 miles that day and I think I burned a little over 1.2k calories 🙂 Plus enjoyed every single minute of it, even when I was scared towards the end.



6 comments on “Red Rock

  1. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love Sedona – it looks like you guys had a really wonderful trip!

  2. I am so jealous! We don’t have anything like this where I live! Just swamps and you can’t exactly hike through them 😉 Wonderful pictures.

  3. diana says:

    You are so funny. But to be honest with you it gets really dark in there, lots of tree cover :).

    You have to go back and do that one…and Im still tryign to think of the other one i did with Vultee arch…ahhhh

  4. courtney says:

    oh my gosh it’s so beautiful there!! i love following along your alls hikes! 🙂

  5. diana says:

    I am going here in two weeks!!!

  6. Sedona looks so beautiful! Honestly, I didn’t know AZ had places like that… LOL

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