Firefly Run

It’s always a little weird doing a race at night. Like the whole day feels a little odd because you know you have to run later. I started to really enjoy running at night when we were training for the Las Vegas RNR. We wanted to be prepared for the weather and running in the dark so we tried to do as many night runs as possible. We really enjoyed them. 

We went with BRIGHT colors for our outfit. You don’t really have to twist my arm to wear bright pink or any shade of pink.

We put on our glow gear and lights and took a few pictures before leaving the house.

You know I like getting to the race a little early. Even though it wasn’t a half marathon I still like knowing that we are there, parked and ready to go. Parking was easy to find since it was in Downtown Phoenix.

It was cold and windy. It had rained on and off that day and I so didn’t want it to rain on our run. I get sick fast enough as it is. We thought about wearing our sweaters but I get hot so fast that I rather not.

We made sure to take care of business before the race started.

There were a few outfits that were cool. Like these stick people.

A lot of people wearing bright colors and lights. 🙂 I guess we weren’t the only smart ones to think of that. haha.

The race started right on time. We were ready to go, it was just getting colder and colder. We needed to get our bodies moving and my sister Paula was ready to finish her first race.

We took a lot of pictures for a 5k race 🙂 That’s how we do.

Then we were off…..

Kind of looks like we were running through a tunnel.

My sister, Veronica jamming out.

The race was fun. I thought it was well-organized. Everyone was just having a fun time. Screaming, wearing cool outfits and cheering each other on. We followed our training plan. We walked some and ran some. My sister was doing great. We didn’t have a time in mind since it was her first race but based on her training runs we had an idea of what time we would be done. She thought it was going to be more than what I thought and I was right 😉

Oh and we saw one of the Ghost Busters too.

They had water for us at the 1.5 turn around. Each mile was marked and they had a D.J. playing fun dance music at the start/finish line.

Jelly Fish.

We finished in 44:41 and I had predicted 45 minutes. My sister was so happy when we crossed the finish line. 🙂 I was so proud of her for sticking with the training and finishing her first race.

 This race was really cool and I would totally run it again. There was 1.6k runners and we think it’s going to get bigger. We only paid $17 for this race with a Schwaggle deal but even without the deal the price wasn’t bad for a fun race.

Our next run together is next month 🙂

The Night Run

Yup, my sister decided to register for another night race. This one is May 12th, I think she might have caught the running bug. haha. We will  be running the 3 mile run that starts at 7pm then I will be doing the 8k also that starts at 8pm 🙂 For the 3 mile run we want her to beat her time, yes the pressure is on. haha.

Oh and not that I’m keeping count or anything but this will be my 8th consecutive month running a race. Yay!! It’s nothing I had planned but I think it’s pretty cool.  (Geek)



9 comments on “Firefly Run

  1. Cynthia says:

    I love the neon outfits!!! Great job on the race and that jelly fish looks cool!

  2. Nicole W. says:

    I loved the Firefly run! It was so much fun (and well organized!) It looks like you guys had a good time as well!

  3. Oh… I’m so excited for the FireFly race to come to CO now! Congratulations to your sister on completing her first run! That’s awesome that she’s going to run an other one.

  4. courtney says:

    how cool! that jelly fish is crazy. don’t you love those nike combat capris? they’re some of my favorites!

  5. diana says:

    love it!!! STILL cant believe I forgot! I suck! Im holding off on the night run till I am running again!

  6. That looks like fun! I’ve done two evening races but neither was in the dark because they were both in the summer when it doesn’t get dark until like 7:30! I didn’t really like having the run later in the day because I worried all day about what i was eating, etc. But I would probably do one again!

    • betybliss says:

      Yeah the night runs are always a little more stressful. Since this was a 5k I wasn’t too worried about it but when we did the Las Vegas RNR it was at night and I had to really watch what I ate the whole day. Plus I started to get a little lasy towards the evening 😉

  7. Melissa says:

    Aw crap, wish i would have kept up with blog land this past month bc we could have met at this race! 😛

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