F is for Free and Fun :)

The other day my friend and I were talking about good fitness deals we’ve gotten and about how many free fitness related things there is to do. She asked me to write this post with a few links that have been helpful to me. When I first started working out a few years ago I didn’t know that there was  so many things that were available to us and now there is even more. I use Groupon, Livingsocial and Schwaggle quite a bit. I’ve found some really good fitness class deals and even deals for local runs.

Here are some places that offer good deals or places for a fun class. These are in AZ but if you know of something near you that you’ve tried and loved then share it with us too. 🙂

Yoga in the Park

Join Lululemon Athletica in Center Lawn of the Biltmore Fashion Park for their FREE yoga in the park series

I’ve also gotten a few free yoga videos from yogadownload.com

Most yoga studios offer a free class too. When I first tried Bikram Yoga I got 2 weeks unlimited for $10.


Running is free 🙂 But sometimes we don’t know where to go or how to track our distance. I usually go to nearby parks that I love but  know that SRP also has a lot of trails that can be used for running, walking or riding your bike.

SRP Canal map

SRP Canal trails

The link also provides a helpful calculator for the distance.

For running without a gps I used to use Mapmyrun or I also have Cardio Trainer app on my phone. Both are easy to use and free 🙂

Other types of classes I’ve taken:

I Love LOVE Zumba. I’ve been to a lot of locations and gyms. If you go click on this link you can enter your location and it will provide Zumba classes near you.

Talking about gyms. Most gyms offer a free 2 week pass which I think is cool because you get to see if you like it before having to enter a contract.

Boxing- I had been wanting to try a “real” boxing class for a real long time and found LA Boxing. I was able to take a free class by going on their website and printing out my pass. I know they have a lot of locations. I had a lot of fun and it was definitely a good workout.

Same with Crossfit. When I was looking for a class near me I found a few locations and they all offered a free class.

Hiking…usually always free and always FUN 🙂 You could use the Cardio Trainer to track your distance and I know there are a lot of hiking apps to help you find trails near you.

It’s easy to get stuck in a workout rut and it’s fun to try out new classes. I like doing that once in a while. Especially if it’s free 😉

Question: Do you have a helpful app that you would like to share?

What’s the best fitness class deal you’ve ever bought?



3 comments on “F is for Free and Fun :)

  1. diana says:

    love it! I just actually found a free climbing class! And many of the rock gyms offer free classes with membership!
    This is an awesome post! I never heard about schwaggle. I heard about dealchicken and kgb ..yes KGB which offers great deals on classes and races.

  2. Diana Acuna says:

    Super good info. Pelokis! You rock!! Thank you for el blog…

  3. Nicole W. says:

    My usual running path is along an SRP canal – Thanks for sharing the map, I’m sure it will be handy in the future!

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