Say WHAT Wednesday!

I know that not everyone loves her…..


But when I first heard this I got really excited about it. Since the first time I heard it they’ve said that it wasn’t going to happen then again it was going to happen. This morning though on my way to work I heard that it is almost FINAL that she will be on X Factor!!!

Brit Brit on X Factor

SAY WHAT?!!!!!

I didn’t really follow the show the last time but the times I did watch I thought it was pretty good. If Brit Brit does get on the show then I will for sure watch it. I know what a lot of people say…she doesn’t sing, she doesn’t dance like she used to and so on but I still enjoy her music. So I’m pretty pumped about this.

Do you follow any of the singing shows?

Out of all the singing shows I think we watch American Idol the most. I’ve watched some of the Voice and some of X Factor though.



One comment on “Say WHAT Wednesday!

  1. diana says:

    i actually love that train wreck otherwise known as Britney!!!! I dont have access to tv so I only watch dvd’s …

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