I SURVIVED Warrior Dash!

First of all……..I LOVED WARRIOR DASH!!!!

It was SO much fun. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Our start time was 2:30 pm. We waited too long to register and got a later time than Craig had last year. It was 98 degrees when we started. It was CALIENTE!! No joke but we were still super excited, especially me because it was my first time.

We got our bibs, Warrior hat things and our shirts. I really liked the shirts this year, I think they’re better than last year 😉 We changed into them after the run.

Putting on our sunblock so we prevent some leathery skin.

I think it was a lot bigger this year or maybe because it was later there was a lot of people just hanging out.

I was happy that both my sisters came to cheer us on.

Here’s some of the cheering I talked about.

My sister wearing her Firefly run shirt 🙂 She got excited when some people talked to her about the Firefly run because they ran it too.

My triple chin and my peeps. haha. Family picture.

I was fine until 15 minutes before it started. I was really nervous about the heat and some of the obstacles that we saw on our walk to the start. I love being a little nervous though, makes it exciting.

Warrior Horns!!! Craig wore the Go Pro camera on his chest so you know I’ll have a video to share in a couple of days 🙂

We also carried a camera with us so there’s a mix of pictures my sisters took and that we took on the course.

The first obstacle was running through some tires that were hanging down and moving everywhere. The second was this wall, this was one of the obstacles I saw that made me nervous. Once I started going up it though I was fine…until I reached the top and didn’t want to go down the other side. haha.

We were only passed the 2nd obstacle but my mouth and throat were SO dry.

The 4th obstacle was going over 3 sets of 2 cars and there was tires in between the cars.

When I landed after the last car I heard something make a noise in my left leg and it was hurting a bit. Nothing too crazy but it was uncomfortable.

I hope they really don’t tell anyone. haha.


These two were the hardest obstacles for me. The reason the top one was hard for me is I was trying to use my upper body to lift myself up instead of being smart and use my legs instead.

And the reason this one was hard for me is because I started off by crawling on my knees and it was hurting my shins. Then I saw how Craig was doing it and copied him. 😉 Why didn’t I think of using my feet to go across?! ay

There was 2 water stations. Craig said they only had 1 last year but I think they added another one because of the heat…not sure. I grabbed 2 cups the first station and 3 cups at the second station. I was SO thirsty plus I used my leftover water to cool myself down a bit.

At a few of the obstacles we would have to wait for our turn. Everyone was really friendly and helping each other out. At this tight rope the person that just crossed would hold the ropes for the person coming after you to make the ropes a little more steady. It was a huge help to have someone hold the ropes a little. I didn’t see anyone fall in.

This was one of my favorite obstacles because it felt awesome jumping into that water. It was hard to see with the water spraying down on you when you were trying to climb up though. When you reach the other side you have to slide down and I didn’t want to. haha. Craig went ahead of me to help me when I had to slide and he landed on his wrist and sprained it. It’s a little swollen today.

The obstacle I was dreading the most was jumping over the fire. I know…lame. But last year I saw a few people stop right before jumping and it made it harder for them to jump over and I saw a girl burn her leg so it scared me. I decided to not think and just do. It ended up being one of the easiest obstacles. Maybe because Craig prepped me for it before the race. haha.

The mud pit was AWESOME!!!! I didn’t know I liked getting dirty but I guess I do.

Since Craig hurt his wrist right before the mud pit he couldn’t use both arms to get through and had to move using one.

As soon as we crossed the finish line I went for my medal and water.

3.28 miles and 13 obstacles later we were Warrior Dash finishers 🙂

I made my sister an honorary warrior. haha. She was really worried about having mud on her because we were going to dinner afterwards. We gave her a hard time about it because she barely had any on her.

Mud kiss 😉

The mud dried fast and it hurt to move so we quickly got ourselves to the wash off area. The water was hard and we kept laughing.

I had the best time even though we ended up a little injured. Craig has talked about doing Spartan next but I wanted to see how this one went first and I’m actually considering it. This was in no way our best time for a race but it was one of the funnest (not a word) races I’ve done. Taking a shower after dinner was very much necessary and I had mud in places I never thought I could. haha.

Thank You Craig for convincing me that I could be a warrior too 🙂 And thanks to my sisters for putting up with the heat to cheer us on. Love you.



7 comments on “I SURVIVED Warrior Dash!

  1. Great job!! Warrior Dash was tons of fun!! I am glad you liked it too – I ran in the 1:30 wave, so a little earlier than you but it was still 95 when I started (and 98 when I finished!). I will totally do it again next year – and I am hoping to convince my non-runner hubby to do it with me!! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you had fun!! We were in the 11am wave and it was warm – no idea how you did it in the dead of the afternoon!
    OH and that slide part was poorly planned…they really should have had the pool of water on the other side. Tom went down the slide & smacked the back of his head on it. He might have a slight concussion. :/

  3. courtney says:

    GREAT JOB!!! and i love the muddy kiss! perfect!

  4. diana says:

    awesome!!! I love it! The kiss is so cute! 🙂 who knew that mud races were romantic?! It looked really hot! I cant beleive they only had one water station last year!

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