West Fork Trail

Last month we headed to Sedona for a little bit of hiking. We didn’t feel like we got enough Sedona time so we decided then that we wanted to go back in May for sure….and we did. We actually ended up going to Oak Creek Canyon which is a little past Sedona. This time we made it a group trip with my friend from work and her husband. This was our first time going on a “longer” hike with another couple and we had a lot of fun. We will definitely be planning more group or double date hiking trips. My friend and her husband recommended one of their favorite hikes.

West Fork Trail at Oak Creek Canyon

The link says it’s 4 miles round trip but that was not the case for us. We ended up doing 8.9 miles and we went as far as we could without getting super wet.

We left around 7:30 am and were there by 9:30ish. We don’t mind driving for a good hike, especially when it’s to see a sight like this…


The trail is easy but so beautiful.

Starting off with our hiking peeps. They brought their dog..Winston. It was also our first time doing a longer hike with a dog. Not sure if all dogs are like this while hiking but he was awesome.

At the beginning of the hike you get to some resort ruins. Of course we checked them out. They have a board with the story but I didn’t read it 😦 I was too excited scoping the place out.

You cross the creek a few times. We had our water shoes with us but they weren’t necessary for these parts of the trail.

We saw these things a few times and there was this one particular area where there was A LOT of them. Gave me the creeps. We watched them for a while and it made my skin crawl. I looked them up to find out what it was exactly and they are worm/caterpillar webs. Ewwww. I guess they get really big too.

Back to something that I did like looking at..

That’s better 🙂

Parts of the trail reminded me of one of my favorite hiking trails…Fossil Springs. We want to do that one again this summer. Can’t wait.

Craig enjoying the view. We love being out there.

Almost half way through the trail we stopped and had lunch. We found the perfect little spot too.

I love finding cool places to get into .

This is how far we made it. You can keep going in the creek and it ends up being 14 miles one way. Some people park a car at the beginning and end of the trail to do the whole thing. Maybe one day we will go back and do it. We put on our water shoes at this point to explore more of the creek. The water was FREEZING. I swear my toes went numb. This part of the trail reminded me a lot of The Narrows trail in Zion National Park. That was Craig’s favorite trail.

On the way out we checked out more of the ruins.

Family pictures before leaving the beautiful trail 🙂

I’m glad we were finally able to arrange a hike with my friend and her hubby. We’ve been wanting to go for a while now. We’ll see what we plan next…

But tonight it’s running time…


My sister’s 2nd race 🙂 And Craig and I are running 8 miles total tonight for our long run. “Owl be there” 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend.



One comment on “West Fork Trail

  1. I LOVE to hike West Fork – its one of my all time favorite hikes 🙂 I like that you take fun photos along the trail too!

    I haven’t done fossil springs before – but it is on my list for this summer 🙂

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