Saturday night we ran The Night Run as Superheros.

Spiderwoman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern…

Of course we had to pose like our superheros too 😉

You can’t forget about Superman 🙂

The 3 mile run was scheduled to start at 7 pm and the 8k was starting at 8pm. When they sent us the emails with all the information they mentioned that they would be having a mini expo and games 🙂 It was in downtown Scottsdale so there was plenty of parking.

We parked by the library, I had never been to the Scottsdale Library and I thought it was really nice outside. We want to go back and explore it a bit more.

They had a few booths with free stuff like Activate drink, 5 hour energy drinks and Pop Chips. They also had a lot of pre race snacks like pretzels, bananas, oranges, grandma’s cookies and apples.

We played a game where you spin a wheel and can possibly win a prize. I didn’t win but Craig did 🙂 He let me choose from a few prizes and I chose a free month of crossfit worth $200!! I’m a firm believer in signs. I’ve been wanting to take this class for a super long time but something always came up. Now it’s free….no excuses. I plan on taking them in July since I have a bootcamp that starts in August. Wooohooo thanks again Craig for winning me a prize!

You can see our goody bags in the picture above. We got a bright tech tee, glow sticks and snacks.


Green Lantern has nothing 2 lose 😉

And we are there to rescue any dehydrated people. haha.

Craig decided not to run the 3 mile race and stay with the guys and chat while we did our thang…

My sister Paula was fine until we were waiting at the starting line, that’s when her nerves hit. That’s when it always happens, part of the fun.

The mascot of the race, the owl.

We ran some of the 3 mile race in a park that I know very well, I ran here my first time.

They had 1 water stop which I think they should have had maybe 1 more. I know it’s not a long race but it was hot. Other than that everything was great.

My sisters did an awesome job. My sister Paula only complained about being thirsty and my sister Veronica was having calf pain. We took a few walk breaks but we were able to finish at the same time as their last race. We didn’t beat their time this time but we will next time.

I love taking action shots when they don’t know.

After the 3 mile run I think we had about 10 minutes before the 8k started. I took a quick sip of water, bathroom break and we were off for the second race of the night with Craig.

You can see his Superman shirt more in these pictures. I don’t usually wear cotton for races but we really wanted to do the superhero theme. I don’t think I would wear cotton for a longer distance though. I was sweating bullets.

We ran through downtown Scottsdale, by all the clubs and by the park.

See what sweaty beasts we were. They only had 2 water stations which again I think 1 more would’ve been better. I don’t usually drink a lot of water during races but this time I really felt like I needed it.

We finished in 56 minutes. We walked while we drank water because I was one thirsty chica. We felt good the whole time but we were so hungry after the race. We didn’t eat dinner before the race so you know we went out after the race for some grub.

I would definitely run this race again next year. I thought it was well-organized other than the water stops.

I ran 8 miles total that night which worked out for my long weekend run. This weekend we are running 10 miles, it will be our last longer run before SD. We are getting down to the nitty gritty for San Diego RNR 🙂



3 comments on “Superheros

  1. This looks like so much fun!! I was signed up to do the race, but had to miss it 😦 I love the costumes!!

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  3. courtney says:

    you all have so many cool races!! love the outfit as always!

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