SAY WHAT Wednesday!


Even after writing this post last year we have decided to run the Las Vegas Half again.


This was Craig’s very first half marathon so we have a special place in our hearts for it.  We’ve ran it every year and it would feel weird not to run it again. Not only that, we are very easily convinced to go on a Las Vegas trip. What?! Someone we barely know is having a bday weekend celebration there…We are THERE!! haha. No really. I already asked for the Monday off and we are waiting to register until 06/13/2012 to get 13 bucks off. Plus Competitor sent us each $20 bucks to compensate us for last years issues. That’s $33 in savings.

Click here if you want to check out the improvements.

And even though I was trying to be strong and not order these tops….


I did. SAY WHAT?! Actually I’m not surprised. I made it a day after finding them. They are super cute and I consider them a good price at $15 each. Also free shipping, can’t beat that. I knew I wanted one of each since I am proud to be a half marathoner but also proud that I’ve run a marathon. 🙂


Anything you had your eye on lately but have decided to want to purchase?



6 comments on “SAY WHAT Wednesday!

  1. cynthia says:

    Love those shirts I really want both of those!!

    So cool you guys will be running Vegas again. You should go to and order the poker socks/arm sleeves I wore last year!

    Oh and to answer your question from your comment on my blog, the socks are usually a cotton blend. The ones I’ve been wearing lately are Reebok socks from Dicks Sporting Goods. They come in a set for pretty cheap.
    I put lots of body glide or vaseline on my feet to prevent blisters but I think cause they are not 100% cotton they haven’t caused any blisters.

  2. diana says:

    Sawthose shirts on sr but just can’t get myself 2 buy 1..I don’t really need it..I swear I take thrifty 2 a whole other level!
    After reading the changes of rnr lv I’m gonna sign upfor it next yr..ill sign up 4 them in jan when they r super cheap at the expo!!

  3. courtney says:

    i’m debating signing up for vegas also, even with all the problems last year, i figure they’ll be trying that much harder this year to make up for it? i love the shirts too!

  4. I have a “13.1, Half the Distance Twice the Fun!” shirt and I still need a marathon one! Like those!

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