No not that kind of streaking 😉

I’ve mentioned before that I am currently on my own type of streak. I have run a race for 8 consecutive months 🙂 This was not something I had planned at all. I noticed this in January and since then I’ve had a race that I’ve wanted to do. But now that it’s 8 months of races I feel bad not trying to make it a year or maybe even longer. I think it’s also a good way of making sure I stay on track with my running, especially now that it’s all hot and sweaty here in AZ. So here are the races that led me here….


September- Disneyland Half Marathon

October- Susan G. Komen 5k

November- Women’s Half Marathon

December- Las Vegas RNR Half Marathon


January- Run, Walk and Roll 5k and P. F. Changs Full Marathon

February- IMS Half Marathon

March- Kiss Me I’m Irish 17k

April- Firefly 5k and Warrior Dash

May- The Night Run 3 mile run and 8k

June- San Diego Half Marathon- In 2 WEEKS BABY! Can you tell I’m excited?!!

After completing the San Diego half I’ll be at 9 months. 🙂 I wish that they had all been a half marathon or more but I’ll take this. Most of them were half marathons though so that makes me pretty happy. When I was looking back at my posts it made me feel real good knowing that I kept up with running even when I was sick. I talked about it with you all before, I had a rough few months and looking back now I feel stronger than I thought I was.

Here is the plan I came up with…

July-  Splash Mob 5k run 

August- “Run for the Magic” – Flagstaff 5k run or a virtual race…

(12 months) September- The Breast Cancer race- 5k or 10k

And what I had already planned on doing…..

October- Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k

November- Women’s Half Marathon and Shun From The Sun Half Marathon

December- Las Vegas RNR Half

January- P.F. Changs Full Marathon

February- IMS Half Marathon

I’m not planning anything after February 2013 but I think I’ll do some shorter races after this. I would like to take some time off from anything longer that a 10k for a few months. We’ll see how that goes.

I like that this wasn’t planned and that it just happened until May so I’m hoping now that I have a plan that I’ll be able to keep my streak for a year, longer would be awesome too 🙂



One comment on “Streaking

  1. diana says:

    your amazing!!! way to go!!! a race is still a race! Plus you have no injuries..Thats amazing in itself!

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