San Diego RNR Half Recap

Happy Friday!!

I’m at work (on lunch) and writing this post makes me wish I was running. We can’t have it all…

So on to this recap…

We had our alarm set for 3:10 am and I got up before Craig because it takes me way longer to get ready. I was having stomach issues (BIG surprise) and I was trying to take care of business before leaving but that didn’t happen.

We were both very sleepy to be honest. I was excited about running but at 3ish in the morning my eyes kept closing on me.

After my shower I was more awake. The bow on my head helped too. haha.

Like I said in the last post. I’ll never get tired of matching with my running partner. It’s one of my favorite things about running a race.

I had my new bling ready, just incase I forgot what I was supposed to be doing all I had to do was look down.

We each had a Powerbar before the race and some water.

We got to the parking for the shuttles at 4:30 am. I think this fast pass thing saved us a big headache. I don’t think anyone had a lot of issues getting to the start line but it was so nice not having to worry. We got to Sea World and everything was well-organized. We had a parking paper that went inside our car so they knew we were allowed to park there. We parked and headed to the shuttles. There was a huge line of buses. As soon as ours got full we headed to the start line.

At this point I was WAY excited and ready to start.

To get on the bus you needed to have your wrist band. It said there were no exceptions to this.

Getting off the bus we saw this…

If the bus says it..then we must do it.

We got to the starting line area about an hour before the race started. We headed straight to the porta potties. While waiting in line I was getting some strong pains and I knew that I would be “taking care of business” before the race. Not the best thing ever but way better than during so I’ll take it.

We got some water and stretched. We were both so ready to start. I love the morning of a race. It’s so exciting. I LOVE IT.

We were in corral 23 but right before our corral got to the start line…we needed the bathroom again. We thought about just going and stopping on the course but decided to just get out and go then.

We ended up starting in the 26th corral I think. But we both felt better so it was race time.

The first part of the race goes through Balboa Park which was my favorite part of the race. I love that park and we had walked part of that course the day before so it was nice knowing where we were.

Then we ended up on the freeway. There was a loooooong hill that seemed to never stop. It wasn’t super steep but it was a steady incline. There was a point when I looked at Craig and said something like “when is this over?”

Another thing…the weather I would say was close to perfect. It think in the 60’s but it was humid. I was sweating from the 1st mile. The bottom of my hair was drenched. I didn’t even want to wipe my face because I knew it would make it worse. I could feel sweat dripping on my eyelashes.

They had a lot A LOT of water/Gatorade stations which was perfect because I was sweating hardcore. We got water from KISS 🙂

The freeway part was slanted so it was a bit annoying running on it for that long but the course was scenic so it paid off. Then there was a long downhill. I know they are hard on our legs but I love downhills. I was having fun.

This part was cool because no matter where you looked, you saw runners.

Our camera got so blurry from our sweat. EW.

Craig’s sister came to see us run and got this picture of us. We were having a blast.

Our camera ran out of battery so we had to snap our finisher photos with our phone 🙂

After the race we went back to our car and sat in the back seat for a while just talking about the race and drinking our choco milk.

I think that the race was well-organized and the course was beautiful. The weather was great minus the humidity. I love to sweat so that wasn’t a big deal. I liked that the finish was at Sea World since we went there afterwards anyway. I would love to run this race again in the future.

Our finish time was 2:35. I secretly wanted a PR for Craig but we were 2 minutes over. Now it’s “on to the next one” 😉



2 comments on “San Diego RNR Half Recap

  1. courtney says:

    great job you guys! i’m so jealous that your hubs runs with you 🙂

  2. Congrats on finishing another half! It looks like you guys had a good time!

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