Sea World

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I’m not going to lie, I wish it wasn’t Monday but since it is, let’s make it a good week 🙂

I’m trying to finish these San Diego posts soon because I have other fun posts to talk about like our hike from yesterday. Let’s get these San Diego posts going…

After our race and after chatting it up in my car we changed and walked to Sea World. Like I said before it was nice having the finish line and parking at Sea World. Very convenient.

We weren’t sure how we would feel after the race and if we would be in the mood for walking around but we were. The little break after the race was nice and we actually felt pretty good.

The last time we were in San Diego and Sea World was in 2008 so we were pretty pumped about going.

The otters used to be one of my favorite at Sea World but now I have a new favorite. Still super cute though.

My new favorite…

I kept thinking about Finding Nemo while we watched the Sea Turtles. So cute.

We couldn’t decide on what to eat but I went with the beef brisket. Yum.

I got a new water cup for work 🙂

After walking around a bit we decided to get some treats. I remembered that they had an ice cream shop inside Sea World that I loved the last time we were there but when we got to it….it wasn’t an ice cream shop anymore 😦 It was a coffee shop. So we had to go with a Dips Rootbeer Float and cotton candy. Do you like dips ice cream? It’s weird to me.

We kept trying to take the picture when Shamu was behind us but he/she was fast.

I love Sea World and I think it was cool that we got free tickets with the race. 🙂



One comment on “Sea World

  1. courtney says:

    ugh i hate dipping dots too! but i do love penguins. i’m so jealous you’re doing crossfit this weekend, don’t be scared you’re going to do great! i can’t wait to hear all about it.

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