Stomping Grounds

Last SD post 🙂

After the expo we walked down Gas Lamp Quarters then  headed over to Balboa Park. If I lived in SD, this would be my go to stomping grounds for sure. I love it there.

The weather was perfect that day. A huge difference from AZ Friday 112 to 61 Saturday in SD.

There were a lot of runners out, not sure if they were running as a pre run to SDRNR or if it was just their regular Saturday run. If it was their regular run then I was definitely jealous that they can just go run at Balboa whenever they please.

 They have a lot of trails to choose from and they’re marked! Awesome!!

We checked out two museums while we were there and we got in free!! All we had to do was show them our bib’s and we could go in. I’m telling you, I feel like we ripped off SDRNR with all these freebies.


Next time we go back we want to check out the Natural History Museum. We are definitely museum geeks.

Question: Do you like going to museums or think they’re boring?

What’s the best freebie you’ve ever gotten with a race entry?



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