Superawesome Weekend

The weekend sure flew by. I had one of those good weekends that seems like everything works out perfectly. We didn’t have much planned but what we did turned out better than if it had been planned.

On Friday we did have a double date planned to go to dinner and go watch this movie…


I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. I actually thought it was somewhat of a joke when I saw the preview but I was wrong. I thought this movie was really good. I’m really easily entertained though, that’s the truth. haha.

Saturday morning I met my friend Cristina who I had not seen since March for a run. We talk almost every day by email or text but it’s so different being around each other. We ran/walked 3 miles. We started talking during our run so that’s when it turned into a walk and we just chatted the rest of the way. No biggie. It was fun. We went to Starbucks later to relax and enjoy the nice morning while chatting even more. We had a lot to catch up on.

In the evening Craig and I decided to go to a restaurant that we’ve been wanting to go to for quite a while now. We’ve heard it gets super busy so we went a little earlier than our usual dinner time. We were able to get right in with no issues. I think it was maybe 6pm when we got there.

Joe’s Farm Grill

I’m not completely sure on everything but I believe they get all their stuff from local farms. The food was SO DELICIOUS. We didn’t get anything fancy, went with the burgers but OMG YUM!

I really liked the atmosphere of the place. We sat outside and enjoyed our dinner surrounded by farms 🙂

We walked around to check out the other little cute buildings. I definitely want to go back to that Coffee Shop.

And they have a farmers market that I also want to go back and check out.



We loved it and we will be going back for sure. I want to try out some of their BBQ dishes.

On our way home Craig made an impromptu stop at a park. We’ve never been to this park but again, we will be going back. It was so peaceful and a nice find.

You can see Supersition Mountains in the background. 🙂

We walked around for a while and also sat and talked. It was so relaxing.

After our romantic rondevue we went to Zoyo for some frozen yogurt. It’s a new location close to our house. I actually put myself on a no ice cream challenge. I LOVE ice cream. So Last week I started this challenge. I can have frozen yogurt 2 times while I’m on this challenge. So that means I only have 1 other time I can have it. The challenge ends on 07/22/2012.  I don’t like denying myself a certain food but I have an issue with ice cream and I’m aware of this issue. lol. I have to face it now before it’s too late. haha

Sunday morning Craig took me mountain biking.

It doesn’t look hard but it was a little hard for me. There were areas on the trail that were long steepish hills. My legs were burning. Going down was fun but scary though.

This wasn’t a really hard trail he took me on but it’s definitely one of the toughest I’ve done. I’ve only ever gone 2 other times.

It was a rush and I liked going so I’ll be doing it more often. I want to get used to it and hopefully do harder trails.

So that was my superawesome weekend. Sometimes I guess it’s better to not to plan everything out. It certainly worked out this time 🙂



One comment on “Superawesome Weekend

  1. Your weekend sounds amazing! I’ve only been mountain biking a handful of times (and its been years!) but I’ve been wanting to try it again 🙂

    PS – I was kinda wanting to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but I was pretty sure it would be lame, so thanks for the extra info!

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