Life is Life

Even though I haven’t written a post in a week I have been reading 🙂 I got sick last week and I felt crappy for a few days but this is what I’ve been up to since the last time I blogged.

Still going strong on mountain biking..

I love that I’m getting better and I hope to be able to do a longer, harder trail soon. Craig also bought a new mountain bike..

Nice huh?! It took him so long to decide on which bike he wanted. Many weeks of shopping around. This also means that I get his old mountain bike that isn’t old to me 🙂 woohoooo!

I also celebrated my sister’s birthdays last week. Both my sisters and my brother’s birthdays are in July so we have a lot to celebrate. Both my sister’s birthdays are only days apart so we always have their birthday dinner together.

After dinner us young in’s decided to go out for some drinks and karaoke.

My water was delicious 😉 I’m not much of a drinker plus I’m usually DD.

On Saturday night we celebrated again. We went out dancing and acting a fooling. haha

It’s been a busy month so far but in just a short week we will get to relax and unwind in San Francisco!! Yay!! I can’t wait. This week is going to feel extra long, good thing we have a few things to look forward to. Tonight we are going to watch a Mtn. bike movie and on Friday we have a double date planned to watch The Dark Knight Rises!! Looking forward to that.

And it’s not all partying over here. I’m also going to be running the Splash Mob 5k this Saturday. And last week thanks to Diana from 1 Mile at a Time I registered for the USA Women’s Half Marathon in Tempe, Arizona for $20!! That’s the cheapest half marathon I’ve ever paid for. It’s in October, I didn’t plan on running a half until November so I better start my training plan now 🙂

So that’s what’s been going on over here. Hope this week goes by fast!! Have a great night everyone.



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