“Never Stop Exploring”

I feel like I’ve been cheating on running a lot lately. I’ve been riding my bike more often than running. the reason I’ve been doing that though is because I know once marathon training starts that I’ll have little time to do any riding because I’ll probably want to do more hiking on my off days. So I’m getting it in while I can.

Last night we went to watch this movie….

I love pictures like this. I see them on blogs all of the time, different places and people doing different things. It makes me want to pack up my stuff and head on a trip. I love being outside, more than I ever knew I did when I was just a kid.

In Reveal The Path they ride their bikes through Scotland, Morocco, Napal and Alaska. My favorite was Scotland. A trip there is on my bucket list for sure. The movie is about exploring and enjoying life which I loved because I like to think of myself as an explorer. I wish that was my job 😉

The movie screening was at a restaurant called Boulders on Broadway.

Boulders is all about the food, craft beer, bike riding, rock climbing and adventure!

How did we not know about this place before?!

The movie started at 8pm and we got there a little earlier to order some food and chill before the movie started. We will definitely be back to try out more things from their menu.

We had a great night and it left us wanting to do more. To get out there and see more. At least it did that to me. Which is perfect because on Saturday I bought this top…

The North Face Women's Pump It Up Reaxion Graphic T-Shirt - Dick's Sporting GoodsSource

I hope I never do 😉



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