Splash Mob 5k

Good morning!! We are almost off to another adventure and we are SUPER excited! Before we leave I want to give yu a quick recap of our weekend so far.


It felt awesome leaving work Friday knowing I had 9 days off. It’s such a fun feeling leaving work on a Friday but when you are leaving for longer than a weekend the feeling is so much better. Right after work I went to pick up my packet for the Splash Mob 5k race I had the next morning. The pick up place was close to work and on my way home at a Roadrunner. It was a fast and easy process. Since this race is to benefit kids part of our registration included donating a couple of clothing items which I thought was cool. It’s fun running a race but when you know it’s for something great then it makes running the race even better.

Then we went to watch The Dark Knight Rises which was AWESOME! Seriously though, it really is. I know I always say I like movies but Craig even liked this one and he isn’t into all the super hero movies. It was really good. We went to our new favorite theater that also has dinner. We went with my sister and her bf. It was a fun double date.


I woke up at 5:20 am to get ready for the race. I didn’t have much to eat before leaving but I did have water. I knew it was going to be a hot hot race and I needed my water.

When I got there I realized that this race was going to be bigger than I expected. First of all they were talking about it on the news before I left but when I got there the parking lot was full. It was at a park with a lot of parking and you can also park on the street. I decided to check out the parking lot anyway and I was actually able to find a spot 🙂


I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the timing chip since you had to get them at the race, I didn’t know if it would be hard to find the booth and I wasn’t really concerned about my time for this race but I was able to find the booth so I got it. I’ve never had one of these before, it didn’t bug at all like I thought it might.

I wore my older running shoes because I didn’t know how wet we would get and I didn’t want to ruin my newer ones. Throughout the course kids were going to be throwing water balloons at us, squirting water and throwing water any way they could. We were also able to take a water gun with us and goggles.

The race started at about 7:10 am and I was already sweating even before starting to run. So when it came time to run by the kids, I was actually hoping they would spray me because it felt good.

They took their job seriously and even came out of places we didn’t expect.

And I don’t know what this thing was but it was fierce. It could wet you from super far, I want one!!

Before you cross the finish there was a lot of kids making sure you got wet before crossing then they had this tube thing you went through that was cool to run through. This race was a lot of fun. Like I said before it was a lot bigger than I expected. I would run this again next year.

After the race I went to my sisters to get my nails done by her 🙂 She has been experimenting and she is really good. I haven’t had nails in a long time, like maybe high school so this is going to be interesting. I love how they came out though. Thanks Ceci!!


Okay my sisters is here to take us to the airport. Gotta go! Have a great week everyone!



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