Crispy Mornings

Hi!! It’s been awhile. We were on vacation as you know and this week was crazy busy. I had the best time on vacation. We went to San Francisco for the first time and explored that wonderful city. As always pictures tell more than words about the fun we had so you know I have lots of pictures.

First I want to start out by saying my first flight ever went well. It’s NOT my favorite thing in the world but it was really nice getting to SF in less than 2 hours.

Once we got there we headed to Union Square for lunch. We shopped around a bit. I’m not a HUGE shopper at the fancy stores…well fancy to me. But we did go to The North Face, Nike and a few other stores that we like. We knew our hotel was close to Union Square but we were a little surprised at how close. I like that even though I had never been to SF I was able to find a convenient hotel and at a good price.

Union Square was cool. There was a band playing music for everyone and they also had like a circus thing going on in the middle. I was pretty impressed. It’s a cool place to just hangout and people watch.

We also walked to Chinatown which was way close to our hotel as well. It was completely different for the Chinatown in L.A.

The next morning we headed on our first tour of the week. Our first stop was Muir Woods. This was a MUST for us to do on the trip. This was Craig’s #1 thing he wanted to do while we were there and I’m glad it was because we both loved it. I think I ended up loving it more than Craig. We got to spend an hour and half there before heading to our next spot which isn’t much so we had to take advantage of every minute.

The first thing we actually did was go to the gift shop 😉 I knew that I wanted a shirt from there and I didn’t want it to be too crazy when we were getting ready to leave so I bought my shirt before actually hiking.

The trees are HUGE!! There were some that were just regular looking but some really awesome ones too. We started off with the easier trail that was paved down the middle then we headed to a “harder” one to explore even more because we still had time.

Of course I had to have a “running” picture in Muir Woods. I couldn’t help myself.

I would really like to go back and hike some more. Craig definitely wanted more time there but we had to go on with our tour. By the way the tour we bought was 3 things included in 1 and it was a little over 8 hours. The bus took us to Muir Woods and Sausalito.

I don’t remember exactly how many miles we hiked but I think it was around 4 miles.

We saw a few squirrels and this banana slug. (later we joked about my sister Veronica being a banana slug because she moves so slow ;)) We told her and she didn’t think it was that funny. haha

After Muir Woods the tour bus took us to Sausalito. We had a little over an hour there to check out the stores and have lunch. We decided to have lunch and enjoy the great scenery of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.

After lunch the tour bus took us back to SF, then we took the ferry to Alcatraz. It was a tad (hamilton) cold, well almost the whole time we were there.

As we got closer to Alcatraz and further away from SF it seemed to get colder and a little scarier. haha. Being so close to Alcatraz gave me a strange feeling.

As you can see there was a lot of people there. The Alcatraz tour is one of the tours that usually sells out almost everyday. This was a Monday and it was packed. We saw some people trying to trade tickets in order to get Alcatraz tickets. Me being the planner that I am didn’t risk it. We bought our tickets in advance and didn’t have to stand in line 🙂

Alcatraz was one of my MUST do’s there. It was the second thing that I was looking forward to. It did not disappoint at all. The tour included an audio tour with real police officers that worked there and actual prisoners. They shared all kinds of stories and we got to see a lot of cool stuff.

Like their toilets. haha

When we got back to Fishermans Wharf it was time for dinner. I of course had seafood, I had fish tacos. Craig doesn’t like seafood but he knows I love it so he deals with the smelly restaurants so I can enjoy some of my favorite things 🙂

We walked to and from Fishermans Wharf various times while we were there. I think our hotel was less than 2 miles away (with hills) so it was a nice way to start our day and also a nice way to end it. The nice crisp mornings was one of our favorite things on our trip. Now that I think about it, that usually always falls on our “favorite list” we like starting our day early and it just feels so fresh outside. I love that feeling.

I have a lot more pictures to share. San Francisco has been one of our favorite trips yet. I’m glad I get to share with you!!



3 comments on “Crispy Mornings

  1. Sounds like such a fun vacation!!

    My husband Lance and were in Northern Cali a couple weeks ago and hiked the Muir Woods and visited the golden gate bridge before we caught our flight back home (the post is actually scheduled to go up on my blog tomorrow morning!!). But we LOVED the Muir Woods – it was absolutely amazing! It looks like we took a lot of similar photos 🙂

    Since we were only in San Fran for half a day it was like a tease! Now I am really wanting to go for a longer visit 🙂 Alcatraz looks like it was really cool – it’s on my must see list! I bet you had some amazing food there – the seafood at Fishermans Warf was probably fantastic! Where did you guys stay?

    • betybliss says:

      I’ll be checking that post out for sure 🙂

      We stayed at Grant Plaza close to Union Square and Chinatown. I think I would stay closer to Fishermans Wharf next time even though the walk wasn’t too far. We spent a lot more time there than anywhere else.

  2. Auth says:

    Love those smiles. Thankful yawl got to see the big ass trees togeehtr! Ha! You 2 good-looking people are so photogenic. That San F. / Palace of Fine Arts looks beautiful & interesting have to see that next time.

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