Say WHAT Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the week 🙂 So far this week has been pretty great. I still have more SF pics to share but I have some other stuff going on too that I want to share with you. This is going to be a pretty random post because I have different things going on.

~Today I got a call I’ve been waiting for…I got a promotion at work! Yay!! I don’t talk much about work on here but I did want to share that with you because I’m pretty pumped about it. I’ve been wanting a change for a while and I’m looking forward to something new and challenging 🙂

~This week I started bootcamp. I bought a Groupon deal a few months ago for this bootcamp and I’m glad I finally started it. After Crossfit I knew I wanted to keep up with strength training. I feel stronger and I like pushing myself. I do want to look into taking Crossfit again in the future but for now I’ll be taking advantage of a few Groupon’s I have. The bootcamp is twice a week for 5 weeks. I’ve also tried Body Pump and Body Combat classes with another Groupon deal which I LOVED. I definetly want to keep taking these classes.

~ My half marathon training also started this week. This half marathon kind of snuck up on me. It’s October 6th so I guess I better get on it 😉 I’ll be running this race with my friend Daniela and we are already thinking of a fun outfit.

~ On Sunday Craig and I took advantage of the $20.12 discount on RNR marathon’s and registered for the P. F. Changs Marathon. This will be Craig’s first full marathon and I am beyond hyped up about this. We officially start training for this at the end of the month. I can’t believe I’ll be running my second full. Eeeek.

~ I’m still on a roll with my own little challenge. I have ran a race or more every month for 10 months. I already have a race for August. Craig will be running it with me too. Then I have a race for September which would be a year! Yay! But based on my running plans I will hopefully keep this going for a year and four months. October, November and December are going to be huge race months. Love it!

~ I’m going to be doing a virtual race this month also. I’ll be writing a post about it this weekend with the information. It’s basically a 5k wherever you love to run. I want you to send me a picture of what you’re seeing when you run. You email me the picture and leave me a comment saying you did and you are entered to win a $25 gift card to Nike and a $25 gift card to Amazon. 🙂 More on that later.

Now to the last thing… on Sunday we went to Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and had a blast!! Here are some pics from that day. The name of the place says it all. It’s 4 courses 30ft-60ft above the ground. Each course gets tougher and tougher. I’m afraid of heights so this was a big deal for me but we had such a great time. There was even a few ziplines.

Flagstaff is 2 hours and 3o minutes away from where we live so it’s not too far. Craig actually went mountain biking and I went running before leaving to Flagstaff. We met our friends at a bbq restaurant for lunch then headed over to get our EXTREME on. Before starting you get 30 minutes of safety instructions and they also have a practice course you have to do before going to the real courses. You only get 1 warning and if you aren’t following the safety rules you can get pulled out. Also if they need to rescue you once then you can also be pulled out. It’s serious business.

This was one of the hardest parts for me. It was a very short section but when you are up there and you have to put your feet on those little rocks it makes you a little nervous, well it did to me.

This part was one of the easiest. I felt so secure in that net. The ziplines were also another favorite part of mine.

Even though you have a harness around you the entire time it does get a little tricky. Most of the obsticles move and it got a little scary at times for me.

Craig and the other guys we were with went on all 4 courses. The hardest one is the black course. I didn’t attempt the black course. Thirty feet about the ground was high enough for me. The black course was 60ft I believe in some areas….no thank you. haha.

This was a really cool different activity for us. It was fun going with a group. We want to go back, hopefully when it’s not about to rain. Not sure if you can tell but it started pouring at the end. We got soaked. Good thing we were on the last course. I did buy a shirt which I’ll sport soon of course.

I think that’s all the randomness I have for you today…gotta get my sleep. Good night!



3 comments on “Say WHAT Wednesday

  1. NicoleWhite says:

    That Flagstaff Extreme adventure thing looks so freaking amazing!!! I am totally going to to do it the next time we go up to Flag! I had no idea it existed so I am really glad you shared!

    I am doing the P.F. Changs full marathon too, but it’ll be my first! I was curious if you were doing it again this year so I am glad to hear you are!

    PS – congrats on your promotion at work!

  2. courtney says:

    congrats on your promotion and the rope course looks like so much fun!!

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