5 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Good morning and Happy Monday! My weekend was great but went by way too fast of course. We did some hiking yesterday morning. I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too. 🙂 Let’s have an awesome week!

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I think this month was the best month to do it since I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary of being a healthier and more active me. I like to take a little time every year to appreciate the day I changed my life. This year I want to host a virtual run. I’m pretty excited about it!

So here’s how this virtual run giveaway works.

~ You have until August 22nd at midnight to send me a picture of where you ran. It can be your favorite trail, you at the gym looking at your sexy self in the mirror, on your treadmill at home…it does not matter. I want to see what you are seeing on your run. Leave me a comment on any of the post from here until the 22nd so I know to look for your email 🙂

~ No specific distance. You can run whatever you want. I know we all have different schedules and don’t always have the time that others might so if you run 5 miles AWESOME, if you run 1 mile AWESOME too. Just email me a picture and you’re entered to win the giveaway.

What you can win…

$25 gift card for Nike. You know I love my Nike gear. They always have super cute stuff so this is why I chose Nike.

$25 gift card for Amazon. They have just about everything so why not Amazon…

So that’s 2 gift cards to the winner 🙂

How I’ll choose a winner…

I will put everyone’s name that emailed me a picture into a drawing, Craig will pick a name out and that will be the winner. I’ll announce the winner on August 24th because that is my actual anniversary.

I didn’t want to make the giveaway too hard. I know we all are busy so that’s why I decided to not have the run on 1 specific day and why I didn’t have a specific distance. I will also be posting all the pictures I get from you on my blog. I’m excited to see where you run and I’m sure other peeps will like to see your pics too 🙂

Here is my email…


Any questions?



13 comments on “5 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. Diana Acuna says:

    Awesome!! I’m In….Happy Anniversary month!!!

  2. NicoleWhite says:

    Congrats on 5 years!!!

    PS – I sent my photo 🙂 It’s a good one!

  3. julimi says:

    I just sent in an email 🙂

    “When I Run I See The End Results”

  4. Linda says:

    My email had “Tennis” in the title! Lovely giveaway 🙂

  5. […] update on the GIVEAWAY! I’ve gotten a few pictures. Thanks for entering I’m loving all the pictures. Makes me […]

  6. Veronica says:

    Sent mine! Its under ice.cream or poop?! 🙂

  7. Daniela says:

    5mi run today!!! Add me to the giveaway

  8. Diana says:

    Just email you the pictures for the giveway!!

  9. paula says:

    Email my pic to u!

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