Getting Our Hike On

Good morning!!

So in a little more than a month we will finally be hiking the Grand Canyon. We have been planning this trip since February. Our original plan was to go in May but they were already booked when we called to make the reservations. So we decided September would fit better with our plans. We just found out two weeks ago that our friends are going to be joining us.

We visited them last year in Utah and they come every year for Thanksgiving. We’ve gone hiking with them a few times so we are PUMPED! When I called to add them to our reservations we didn’t have any issues so we are set. Since we only have a month we decided we need to get our hiking on more often. I bought my new hiking boots on Friday and tried them out on Sunday. So far so good. This Sunday will be a longer hike so it will be a better test for them.

On Sunday we took my sister and her bf hiking. We started at about 5:30 am and we took them to South Mountain.

It was already a little warm when we started.

My sister hadn’t been hiking in a while and she gets a little cranky when she gets hot or tired. lol. We made sure to give her a hard time.

We ended up doing 4 miles. We had planned on doing more but it started getting a little too warm for us so we decided to cut it short. We made sure to show them some cool little spots though.

We all attempted to squeeze into Fatman’s Pass.


We all made it through with room to spare 😉

We continued on Hidden Valley Trail to show them this cool little caveish thing.

This Sunday we are driving a little passed Payson to do another hike. This one will be about 8 miles. Then we are stopping for some delicious burgers on our way back at one of our favorite spots 🙂



2 comments on “Getting Our Hike On

  1. I LOVE hiking Hidden Valley! It’s my fav trail at South Mountain 🙂

    Are you guys hiking down to the bottom and staying overnight at the Grand Canyon, then coming back up? Or are you going rim to rim? I have always wanted to hike rim to rim – it’s on my bucket list for sure!

    • betybliss says:

      We are hiking down to Havasu Falls staying a couple nights to go to other falls then hiking back out. I would love to do rim to rim, maybe in the future. 🙂

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