happy FRIDAY and happy running

Happy Friday everyone!!

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work I kept thinking it was Friday. I was happy. Then I got to work and I was marking off my days from my calendar and I realized it was Thursday. I was not happy. haha. I hate when that happens. But IT IS Friday today so Yay!!

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? I have a 5k race, morning 5 mile run with my friend and a hike in Sedona planned for Sunday. We are also shopping for our Havasupai Falls hiking trip next month. woohooo!

Quick update on the GIVEAWAY! I’ve gotten a few pictures. Thanks for entering 🙂 I’m loving all the pictures. Makes me want to go out and run. Keep them coming!! You have until August 22nd to email them to me. Again my email is betybliss@hotmail.com


How many miles are you running this weekend? I’ll be running 8.1 miles on Saturday.


I’ll have to remember this when I want to cry because of the humidity or the AZ heat. haha.



Yesterday I ran at the gym. I didn’t get to run too many miles but it felt so good. All day at work I was thinking about running so I was glad I was able to fit one in. Feels so good sometimes 😉

Hope you have a good weekend! Keep the pictures coming and don’t forget to leave me a comment when you email your picture.



3 comments on “happy FRIDAY and happy running

  1. karajarvis says:

    I keep meaning to send you picture! I’ll have to take one on my long run tomorrow. Last long run before the Disneyland Half Marathon! Eek!


  2. karajarvis says:

    Just tried commenting, not sure if it went through. But I’ve been meaning to send you a pic, so I’ll have to send you one from my last long run tomorrow before the Disneyland Half Marathon. Are you running it this year?


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