Biking San Francisco

Hi There 🙂

My week so far has been a little weird. I got pink eye in both eyes. Ugh. At first I thought it was just allergies but then things got ugly so I knew it wasn’t just the old regular allergies I’m used to. My right eye is way better today but my left still had some issues this morning. I’m hoping they get better pronto because I want to wear my contacts again. My glasses are like 2 prescriptions ago and they make my head hurt. Waaaaa waaaa, I’ll stop being a crybaby now and get on with fun stuff.


So this is the last SF post. I know it’s almost a month later but I really want to write about it because I like going back and reminiscing.


Our last whole day in SF started by checking out Lombard Street. We could have just seen it from far away but Craig decided we need to hike up to get up close and personal with it. Then he decided we should climb up the stairs.



I’m not going to lie. I was huffing and puffing a bit by this point. I was so glad we did it though. It was nice to see it from every angle. Plus we scoped out the houses on Lombard Street. Those are nice.

After breakfast we headed over to get our bikes which were included with the Go San Francisco Card.

We ended up riding our bikes for about 12-13 miles. We rode them from the bike shop to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was AWESOME! It was definitely one of my favorite things we did while we were there.

I’m glad we started early because that bridge gets packed. Even at 9am it was already packed. We made sure to be at the bike shop as soon as they opened.

I didn’t make it up all the hills, I admit…I had to hike a bike a couple of times. But Craig rode the whole thing. He has always been a lot better than me on a bike. He loved that we got to ride bikes on our trip.

Lot’s to choose from. Our card came with a hybrid bike, chain, helmet and a map.

So many options. Way cool.

After our biking adventure we had lunch at Boudin and I had the BEST crab cake sandwich I’ve ever had. OMG. Delicious.

Then it was time for what I had been looking forward to the most….Golden Gate Park! Our first stop was the California Academy of Sciences. Also included with the Go Card.

I ❤ Dino’s!!

They had a Rain Forest Exhibit that was way cool.

We also checked out their Penguins.

Then it was time to scope out the park. I LOVED it!

Of course I ran a bit at the park. That was my mission. If I lived there I think I would go running there all the time. There were so many runners out. It was awesome.

We spent most of the evening at the park soaking it in.

Then we went and had dessert 🙂

We went to Ghirardelli’s and YUMMMMM.

We shared a Rocky Road Sundae or something like that. I was trying to be good but now that I think about it, I should have gotten my own. lol. Ice cream is my weakness. I cannot deny me some ice cream. Too good.

Our evening ended at Fisherman’s Wharf with a nice dinner.

The next morning, our actual last day we started with a morning run. I think we ended up doing 3 glorious miles. The weather was perfect. It was actually sprinkling, more like a mist. We ran around Union Square and China Town.

We stopped at an italian bakery for some breakfast. We had been eyeing these bakeries every morning and night when we walked by. I wish we had gone more. It was really good. We sat outside and enjoyed our last morning there.

We walked back to our hotel, packed up our stuff, got ready and it was lunch time. We walked around one last time before leaving. Oh and we got one last thing we had been eyeing. Tea from China Town.

We also bought some souvenirs and then waited for our shuttle to take us to the airport.

That’s the end of our SF trip. It was amazing and I think we will definitely be back. 🙂



2 comments on “Biking San Francisco

  1. NicoleWhite says:

    Okay so you guys did like everything I want to do when I go back (for a real trip, not a quick stop on my way to the airport!) I will have to check out the G San Francisco card – it sounds perfect! The biking along the bridge looks awesome, my hubby promised me we would do that when we go back 🙂

    Mmmm chocolate in Ghirardelli Square and tea in China Town! Sounds like my kind of thing!

    PS – now I’ll be prepared to be out of breath on Lombard street 😉

  2. Diana says:

    Beautiful pictures! You guys had a great time there!!

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