Shout Out

Good morning. Today is Friday but not just any old Friday. Today is my last day in my “old” department. On Monday I start  something completely new to me after being in the same department for 6 years. This whole week has been a little weird, I knew this day was coming but it hasn’t felt real. And maybe leaving departments isn’t a huge deal but it feels like it is to me. I met so many great people and made some life long friends. So I want to give a shout out to all of you that have been part of my life and will continue being a part of my life. So to Fabs, Frank, Jaime, Cristina, Brian, Claudia, Dani, Chris and Diana thank you all so much. You guys made me laugh A LOT.

Here are few of my memories….

Like when Fabs cleaned her butt sweat and the threw the napkin in Claudia’s trash. hahaha.

Cristina and I would have our “dark days” and what this meant is we would go to this specific area by the window and discuss our “deep thoughts” and this usually happened when it was raining or cloudy. haha.

Another one I’ll never forget and we still bring up to this day is how I got “mold poisoning” from a huge trash can they had by my desk for what felt like a year because the ceiling leaked. Frank and I always bring that up because I would get sick a lot and we thought it had something to do with that. Thinking about it now…that wasn’t very funny but somehow I’m still laughing about it. haha.

And you can’t forget when our manager Jaime would have music days and play music for our team. The whole floor would complain about us but we didn’t care (sorry, that was mean) but it was fun. It was nice to be able to work without it feeling like work.

We’ve gone on trips together a few times.

We’ve gone to many dinners and lunches.

I started my running LOVE with Diana and still share that love. I’ve gone to your races and you’ve gone to mine. We’ve met for EARLY runs when the sun isn’t even out.

We partied of course, got drunk and danced our butts off.


Played embarrassing babyshower games 🙂


Had WAY too much fun during work hours. lol.


Tried new fitness classes together like Zumba and even Bikram Yoga (which I almost passed out the 1st time) Brian remember that?! We must go back!

Some of them have moved states, like when Cristina left me to go to Texas. Some of them have moved Countries!! Thanks a lot Diana. lol. just kidding. We miss you. Some of them have moved departments, buildings and even employer but we still keep in touch. You have all become such good friends of mine and I love you all.

Time to start the next chapter…..with you all still in it 😉



One comment on “Shout Out

  1. Diana A says:

    Beautiful memories!! I miss all you guys too!! Good luck n new job! You are very smart asi q echale muchas ganas, se te quiere mucho!!! Thank you x todo…

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