Our 1st Mtn. Biking Trip


Hi!! Isn’t it awesome that it’s Wednesday already?!! Two more days to go 🙂

I started my new position this week and so far I am loving it. I know it’s only been two days but it’s been a fun two days. I am learning so much. Hope you are having a fun week too.

On to my fun Labor Day weekend. Craig and I planned our 1st mtn biking trip in Flagstaff and it was SO SO awesome. There is so much to do but we made this trip a specific mtn biking trip. When we got there we shopped around for a bit then had dinner at this place.

It was some good pizza and we also had their baked wings.

After dinner we walked around some then watched some belly dancers at the main plaza. They had music and other festivities. The evening was perfect. The weather was great and got to see the beautiful sunset.

It had rained on our drive there so we were a little worried it might rain while we were out on the trail but it didn’t 🙂

Our original plan was a different trail but with the County Fair and parking around there we knew it would be tough so Craig found us other trails.


These are my kind of trails 😉 I had so much fun and it was so beautiful outside. I loved it. I thought the elevation would be an issue for me but I felt fine. I was huffing and puffing on a few hills but other than that I felt really good. I think I’m getting better.

Craig is way faster than I am but he was a sweetie and waited for me on some parts.

There were a few people running and hiking. We did 3 of the trails and we want to go back and do the other 2 that we didn’t do. Craig wants to go back for sure with his mtn biking buddy.

It was such a nice ride. I really did have so much fun and loved it. Maybe I’m starting to really like this mtn biking thing….

We ended up doing 7 miles. After our bike ride we went to Bun Huggers for some burgers.

It started raining on our way back…I guess it waited for us to finish our ride. 😉

I’m glad I gave Mtn Biking a chance because I really am like it.

Is there anything you gave a chance to for your significant other and ended up loving it?




2 comments on “Our 1st Mtn. Biking Trip

  1. Very fun! I haven’t ridden a bike in years – I would love to get one and find a good trail like this. In answer to your bottom question, I would have to say watching football and running! I hated both before I started doing them with my husband, and now I am obsessed with both! Haha! 🙂

  2. NicoleWhite says:

    Your trip looks like lots of fun! Those trails look like my kind of mountain biking 😉 I love how green and peaceful everything looks!

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