Goal Met!!!


Good morning!!

To start off here are my workouts for last week….  

Monday 9/3- rest day
Tuesday 9/4- 2 mile morning run and family fitness night
Wednesday 9/5- 1hr Zumba
Thursday 9/6- rest day
Friday 9/7- 1hr & 45mins Zumbathon
Saturday 9/8- rest day
Sunday 9/9- Remember 9/11 5k race

I usually take 2 rest days but Thursday was an unplanned rest day because of allergies. They were killing me. I still feel good about my workouts though. Each one was nice and sweaty 😉
So I am very proud to say that I met my 12 month goal of running a race every month! YEAH BABY!!!! I was looking for the pictures to do this collage and it brought back memories from these races. I had so much fun, running is awesome but running races is triple awesome. So here’s a picture from each race in the last year.

Here are the #’s:

16 races in 12 months

5 Half Marathons

1 Full Marathon ❤ 

3 of the races were not in AZ

I’m still going strong though, my streak doesn’t end here. I have races scheduled until February and I am pretty pumped about it. After my marathon I had planned on taking a break from races (not running) but I ended up running more races than I planned. I’m pretty proud of myself for a couple of reasons. One is that I was pretty unhealthy for most of last year, I had some health issues that were pretty hard on me but I’m glad I was able to push through it and continue running because I love it. I didn’t have anything horribly wrong with me but when you’re sick, it really can get you down. I felt like running was the only thing at the time that I could control. Maybe I couldn’t always run as long or fast as I wanted but I was still running. Second reason I’m proud is because people always talk about how hot AZ is….yes it is hot. I’m not even going to sugar coat that because there’s times that I’m like DAMN!! So I’m glad that this heat didn’t take me away from my goal. Surprisingly, I only had a hard time finding a race for August in Arizona. So I guess we really can race year round 🙂 Give it up for AZ!!!

I’m lucky to have friends and family that have ran with me and supported my addiction 😉 Thank you my peeps.

This morning Craig and I ran the Remember 9/11 5k. It was a small race but well-organized. They had a couple of speakers and someone singing the National Anthem. There was also a Firefighter than did the race in his uniform.



The race started at 6:45 am. They had water and a few snacks for before and after the race. We also got a shirt.

There were a few little hills that were killing my calves. They’ve been sore since the Zumbathon I went to on Friday.

We finished in 33 minutes. We were pretty happy with that considering I made us walk on 2 hills because of my calves.

After the race we headed to breakfast then to see the Healing Field at Tempe Beach Park.

We also went last year.

Then we came home to rest for a bit and watch some football.

I iced, used my roller and compression socks because my calves are really bothering me.

Now it’s time for lunch and more football. 🙂

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



2 comments on “Goal Met!!!

  1. foodiemisadventures says:

    Congratulations Betty! That is such a fun running goal – I love it and I just might steal it for a 2013 running goal 😉

  2. Fun! I think I got a little burned out on races after doing so many last year, but they really are fun and I am always glad I did it when it’s over!

    Love all the American flags!

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