Family Fitness

A few of weeks ago my niece came home with this…..

From School. She asked if I would go with her. My mom and sister said they would go too. I was pretty happy that my niece thought of me 🙂

We all went as a family last Tuesday. It was pretty cool.

They started out with some stretching…

Then they had a little warm up run….

My niece was pretty fast. Kids have a lot of energy.

After the little run they had a few stations. I didn’t count them but I think at least 10 stations. They had relay races, endurance, strength, nutrition and so many more.

Then it was time for the family fun run. My mom, Craig and I ran with my niece. She started out really fast then slowed down a bit. At the end she was beat. She said she liked the relay race the best.

It was fun to go as a family. I’m glad my niece had fun and that fitness related things interest her. As a kid I hated going to P.E. or doing any kind of sports. I still don’t like doing anything that comes with kicking, hitting or running with a ball. It’s not my thing. I like to watch though 😉 I do like to play Badmitton…is that a sport?! haha. I do love being outside though so I discovered a lot of things I like doing outdoors. I wish I would have discovered this about me at a younger age, it took me way too long to find out how much I love doing fitness activities. I hope that when Craig and I have kids we can do fun fitness things as a family. We talk about races and hikes we want to do as a family.

I’m also glad that they have a lot of fitness related things at school for kids. I don’t remember them having as much when I was a kid but maybe I just didn’t pay attention to it since I didn’t know it was my thing at the time.

Question: Were you into sports or being active as a kid?



One comment on “Family Fitness

  1. courtney says:

    how cool that she wanted you to come! i was a big tom boy and into lots of sports!

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