Happy Birthday to our little monster, Sienna!!!

A year ago I got to experience something SO amazing, I was lucky enough to be part of Sienna’s birth.

This is something that I will never forget and will always appreciate. It was so beautiful!! Sienna is a little crazy, demanding girl and has brought so much laughter and happiness to our family. We look forward to many more 🙂

I also want to wish my friend Diana (pelos) and her son Adriansito a Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy your day!! Love you both!!

and….my computer works now. Craig fixed it yesterday (is there anything he can’t do ;)) so I should finally be posting our Havasupai pictures soon.

Have a great day everyone!



2 comments on “Sienna

  1. paula says:

    Aww too cute! Happy birthday sienna! And happy birthday to you Diana!

  2. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday Sienna!! OMG Adorable pictures of Sienna! Great job Bety and Craig taking those pics!!! She is so beautiful God Bless her!!
    Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes for us!!!
    I love you blog (pelukis)

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